Introducing Blog Events Now - A New Way to Share the Event Outing Experience

Remember that event you went to where you had a good time? the networking event where you connected with great people?  What about the cool restaurant  you went to with great food?

Perhaps, it was a sentimental family outing with your loved ones or a Girls Day out ! 

Today, We introduce to you:

Blog Events Now”, is an interactive in-the-moment, blogging, review experience of missed moments at your favorite events. Blog Events Now writers will write about their experience of events you had missed or had no idea about. Our bloggers will write about:

Your favorite:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Museums
  • Restaurant
  • Networking events
  • Nightlife and More.

What makes “Blog Events Now” unique is that, not only will our blogger write about an event; they will also have featured video highlights of our “top pick” events of the week.

Wait, There’s more! We will give our DC Now Events community the opportunity to briefly share their experiences at events too, with a section on here to manually upload on their own. All reviews postings will be vetted prior to posting.

Finally, you will be able to share your uploaded reviews via all social media platforms; so your friends and family can enjoy the moment with you.

Blog Events Now

will make sharing your Event moments in DC, Maryland, Virginia:
easier, faster and more fun on your phone.

we find, we post, you enjoy”

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