Moechella Takes over 14th & U

Moechella took over 14th & U street for the 3rd peaceful go-go in front of the Reeves Center. This go-go was hosted by @yaddiya and featured DJ’s The Legendary DJ Kool, (Domo) @Dora_Winifred_ & @Hav_Mercy.

Over 3,000 people came out to bounce to the sounds of ABM and Backyard Band.

There were food trucks, ATV bikes, and much more was happening as people flooded the streets to enjoy this event. It was an amazing time as people from all ages came together for the #DONTMUTEDC cause. This was a warm event that felt like huge family reunion.

Moechella came out of the #DONTMUTEDC movement and is a apart of Long Live Go Go. According to their website “Long Live GoGo is a rallying cry for DISPLACED Washingtonian’s who want to be heard. Our mission is to empower, preserve, and protect the true meaning of being a native Washingtonian through music and art programming. We are working to build inclusive programming through a movement that unites Washingtonians and cultivates the love for DC’s heartbeat, GoGo music.”

Get involved with the movement and learn more here


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