Creating Content during Covid19: 4 Tips to Help You Use Your Space Now!

By Contributing Writer- Faith Amina

Hey, You Hey! Have you been struggling with creating doing this COVID Quarantine? Don’t you worry I have some tips to help you turn your space into the content. Maximize your space at home to continue creating engaging content for viewers.

First, take a mental inventory of the best areas to create this content. 

Four places to consider:


2)Living Room

3)Outdoor space

4)Area of home to be improved in some way (before and after)


What is everybody doing right now? *Dramatic pause*………….. Eating and drinking. I know that’s what I am doing!

  • Host a Cook with Me segment. Engage your viewers with diverse family recipes, kids’ snacks that entertain, or personalized at-home cocktails.  Consider your viewer’s needs: dieting, comforting, or other. Depending on your viewers keep in mind your audience’s financial situation when choosing recipes for them to engage in.  A little bit of compassion and empathy can go a long way.  Maybe use fewer and less -expensive ingredients while making a super yummy food, your watchers will thank you!

Living Room:

Let’s think where are people spending most of their time? In the living room. 

  • Hosting a Live (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in your living room is the heart of your home.  Use this space to show how creative and relatable you are.   Give your viewers a space to aspire to.  They want to look into your home and feel inspired.  Make your space representation of your brand. This is also a great place to drink the cocktails you made in your kitchen. 

Outdoor Space:

 We might not be able to congregate together but that does not mean we can’t get our garden and patio together.

  • Have you ever wanted to be a plant parent? This is the time to get some plants and really broaden your horizon and share it with your viewers. Or if you are already a plant parent this can help people like me who are just jumping in and willing to learn.  Share your knowledge, it will not hurt at all. I mentioned your patio area before, this is the time to break out the paint and great creative if that is painting a fence or changing your furniture around. You will differently help inspire and spark some cool ideas. I know you can do it. 

Area of your space to be improved in some way:

Let’s just jump right into it….

Okay, we all have a space in our home that we avoid, and that’s okay. But now is the time to change that around. That space under your sink that you just throw things into. Yea I’m calling you out. This is the time to reorganize it and purge the things you know longer need. That laundry room that you don’t really like, yup its time to redo it. If you look around, I am sure you will find something you no longer want. The time is known to change it and share it with your viewers. 


I cannot define your brand for you, only you can define your brand but while your arena social media try this out: Get on Live! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter live! Host Q&A’s to engage with your audience. Get to know them and use what you’ve learned to continue growing and improving. 

Thank you, Love you from the bottom to the top ,Faith Amina!

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