4 Tips To Build/ Keep A Healthy Relationship During Quarantine!

By Contributing Writer- Catori Langley

Can you imagine spending every waking moment with your significant other? For some lovers out there, the thought may sound like a dream come true. For other couples, it probably sounds more like the plot to “Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome”; two people enter but only one makes it out alive. No matter which scenario reflects your situation the reality is couples and singles all over the world are experiencing a global pandemic that is putting not only their safety at risk but their relationships too. Lucky for you I have four simple tips that will help re-energize your relationship, save you money and truly help you build/ keep a healthy loving relationship with your spouse during quarantine.

Diversify & Save:

If you or your spouse were subject to the mass layoffs that took place at the start of this pandemic then you know all too well the stress this can cause on a relationship. This is the time to diversify and save your money. Food delivery services like DoorDash and UberEats are in need of drivers now more than ever. This may be the perfect way for you and bae to bring in some extra dough. Gas prices are low so why not. You can assess your hobbies and figure out ways to monetize them and bring value to others. You have always been a wiz with a sewing machine so why not take that skill and start creating protective masks? If nothing else this pandemic will make you both more creative.

Saving is hard to even when there isn’t a pandemic but I urge you to save and save aggressively. As the stimulus checks hit your accounts I know you are tempted to spend, spend, spend but you must remember saving is a mindset and lifestyle. It begins by cutting out all unnecessary expenses and making extra money and saving it.  When outside opens back up you and your spouse will be glad you did.

Change Your Surroundings:

If you and your boo are feeling that cabin fever beginning to sink in you may just need to change your cabin. If you both have separate homes but decided to hunker down at one partner’s place to weather the storm, it may be time to go home but bring your partner too. Try spending one week at your place then pack up and spend one week at theirs. It will give you both something to look forward to like taking a mini vacation. If you live together you can change your surroundings by rearranging your furniture. You have always wondered what the space would be like if you moved that couch across the room and now is the perfect time to find out. If all else fails, leave that house all together and go for a walk on a nice day. Exercising with your spouse is always a great way to bond. 

Compatibility & Understanding:

Have you asked yourself, “what the heck am I doing in this relationship” while on lock down? If so, it is not a bad sign it shows you care about the healthiness of your relationship. Now is the perfect time to fix what’s wrong and make what’s good great. Forced togetherness like this can be overwhelming and cause small disagreements to become larger ones. Remember love is patient; love is kind so be that in abundance during this time it will do wonders in the long run.

Still Plan Dates For One Another…Be As Creative As You Can:

Last, but definitely not least, you must continue to date your partner. That goes for couples of 20 years or couples of 2 days. For my new couples, you guys can’t go out for drinks or dinner because the restaurants and bars are closed. But don’t let that stop you, let your new boo thang know Friday is date night and for them to be ready by 7 because you are taking them on a Zoom date. They will love the creativity and effort you are putting forth to make them feel special. Picnics are even a great way to pair dating with getting fresh air. You and your spouse grab that blanket, pack a nice snack, find the best social-distancing & chill spot, and enjoy each other’s company.

By implementing these four simple tips you will keep your relationship healthy and strong long after quarantine is over. 

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