4 Ways to Find Scholarships during a Pandemic!

By Contributing Writer- Tanika Mangum, CEO of Paid4College

During a time where we would widely see families gathered for graduation and
glamorous prom photos, we instead are tiptoeing around the sensitive question for
the graduating class of 2020 “What’s next?” According to a survey conducted by
Civis Analytics May 8-10, 2020, 43% of parents are reporting a change in their
child’s post high school plan. With the tension of a loss of a job or income, many
families are in need of funding to go to school. Here are 4 ways to find scholarships
during a pandemic:


  1. Check with Your School:
    All students should first check with their financial aid office to see if there are
    additional opportunities. Consider other school resources like your major
    department (i.e. Engineering or social science department/dean) Although,
    you have graduated and are moving on, do not forget about your high school
    resources, including your school district. Counselors will learn about
    scholarships for graduating seniors that you want to know about.

2)Search Local:
When we think about searching for scholarships, most students will think
they must search online nationally and often forget about the resources in
their own neighborhoods. Your community wants to support you! Although,
buildings are closed they are still just an email or a phone call away. Many
feel reluctant to ask during a time where it seems our whole world is in need,
but I want to encourage to do so. Many organizations have fund-raised or set
aside funds early to support students. Also note, that many have extended
their deadlines due to the pandemic. So ask your faith-based organizations, local community centers, parents employers and companies that are aligned
with what you want to study, if they have an open scholarship. A need must
be known to be fulfilled.

3)Look beyond your major:
You are more than just your major or what you intend to study. You also
have hobbies, interests, experiences and beliefs. There are scholarships to
support all aspects of who you are. Take some time to think about all the
things you experienced in throughout high school (the organizations, the
type of activity, the challenges, loss of a friend or loved one, and the lessons
learned). Search for scholarships based on those experiences. You will be
surprised how many money you can receive from just sharing about your
personal experiences and your opinions.

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