Obsession with Productivity During COVID-19

By Contributing Writer- YourTaskSlayher

Excuse my French, but what the hell is going on? I can’t be the only person that’s thinking this during this time. One moment social media has us believe we have to be this super productive person, and the next minute it’s okay to be lazy during COVID-19. What they want *cue DMX song*, to be honest, do what makes you happy during this time. Below are a couple of great tips I found to help me stay productive and sane.

1.) Exercise/walking- Now I’m nowhere near a fitness fanatic at all. I’m the person at the gym who is misusing the machines. However, I’ve started walking to nearby places to get out of the house and get fresh air. The following great trails to venture through: 

  • Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail
  • Rock Creek Park 
  • Ft. Washington Park 
  • Cosca Park 
  • Laurel Lakes Park

2.) Join a book club- I’m part of two books clubs. I’ve always loved reading since I was a kid. It’s a great escape from reality, information, and there plenty of self-help books to better yourself. The best part about books is you can take them anywhere. So after that walk to the park, you can sit down and read your book.

3.) Tap into your hobbies/likes- I love food, but sometimes I get tired of eating out and spending money. I mean, we are in a Pandemic right; I should be saving all the money I can. So I started buying groceries and trying out new recipes. I realized I love taking the time out to play music and get lost in the aromas of creating something new. However, my favorite dish to make is spaghetti, and at this point, I think my household is tired of spaghetti.

4.) Volunteer- A couple of times throughout COVID-19. I’ve found myself having to help others out by running them to the store or running to the store to get items. Each time this was early in the morning, and I’ve felt not only refreshed with energy but happy, I was able to help relieve the stress off of others.

5.) Small Gatherings- I’ve had a chance to go to a bridal shower, picnic, and outside dining at a restaurant. I’ll be honest; these have been the best times I’ve had since COVID1-19 started. I felt a little bit of normalcy. Keep in mind we practice all the precautions of staying 6ft apart, wearing a mask when needed, and sanitation. 

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