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The Parking Lot Social will arrive in Washington, DC Metropolitan area, at Springfield Town Center, Springfield, Virginia from Wednesday 30th September at the popular Springfield Town Center in Virginia, dubbed by Forbes as one of the first entertainment tours of the season. This event modernizes the conventional drive-in into a massive, multi-sensory attraction.

With up to 250 vehicles per case, The Parking Lot Social reflects the next development in the drive-in experience, with a five-night tour stop focused on a great night’s sleep while retaining social distance guidelines.  About every mass-public film has been canceled this summer because of the coronavirus pandemic, which makes the Parking Lot Social special.

The five days’ family entertainment festival, which will take place from September 30th to October 4th on the outside at Springfield Mall, Virginia — with movies, improv, classical music, costume evening, karaoke, bingo, quiz competitions, and family fun. 

All the shows will be provided to guests while seated in or near cars to keep the fun going while maintaining social space. The West is satisfied when social life involves Dallas’ The Parking Lot: 

LOL Night Improv Parking: 

with TBD local standup, pre-show DJs. Adults-friendly. Start at 7 p.m. Door open and at 9 p.m. the satire begins. Stop time at about 10:30 p.m. 

Day Screening:

Join us for a special drive to see films for our two wide 40 ft screens. Fulfill the roster of live DJs.80s Game Night. DJ will perform the ’80s before the game starts. We promote costumes in the 1980s. Start at 7 p.m. Door open The movie begins at 9 p.m. Stop time at about 11 p.m. The shared car park:

Motor Off, Party On! Party On! 

Enjoy an exciting combination of Car-A-Oke live artists, Boom Boom Bingo, Secret Disco DJ Fights, Quiz Competitions, and more on the Show.”Car-A-Oke,” bingo with an adult-oriented, quiet DJ war, quiz tournaments. Open at 6:30 p.m., starting of shows at 8:30 p.m. Stop time at about 11 p.m.

Connected Adolescents:

Families will share a more child-friendly Interactive parking experience: The Grand Family Quiz Game, Boy v Girl, Parent v Baby Silent Disco, Children’s party Car-A-Oke and Bingo! The whole family is promised a nice, healthy day out. Family-friendly, bingo, quiet DJ battles, quiz tournaments. Open gates at 11:30 a.m. and launch show at 1 p.m. Stop time at about 3 p.m.

Films at Midnight:

The screening of our midnight films through our two wide 40 ft screens promises late evening thrills. Fulfill the line-up of live DJs.

TV Night Families:

Take the family and get in the vehicle for a romantic, all-age drive film experience. Sing-along smiles and should not hesitate to eat popcorn while we have an unforgettable experience. Our DJ will have you in a groove of a perfect night out with the boys. The Social Park Lot Society was at the forefront of the development of this case in the aftermath of the About every mass-public film that has been canceled this summer because of the coronavirus pandemic, which makes the Parking Lot Social special. 

The five days’ family entertainment festival, which will take place from September 30th to October 4th at the Springfield Town Center, Springfield, VA — with movies, improv, classical music, costume evening, karaoke, bingo, quiz competitions, and family fun. All the events are introduced to guests as they are either in or near their vehicles to keep the fun arrive as maintaining social distancing. 

Danielle Hodge, The Parking Lot Social event planner, said Cameron Craig and Graham Ferguson from Scotland were behind The Parking Lot Social, two years ago tours of “Big Bounce America,” the biggest bounce house in the country.” They come to that because it hurts to go out and have fun to be happy,” Hodge said. “It’s like a regular drive with swelling screens and DJ host-level’’. 

COVID 19 pandemic and in the modern environment. The fun at The Parking Lot Social was built to help patrons love their cars without leaving the warmth. The main protective precautions to ensure the health of all participants are as follows:

1.Ticketing & Check-In – Any ticket must be ordered online and no on-site box office is open. Upon arrival, customers display tickets either by dashboard or by smartphone to enable a completely contactless control procedure to be done remotely.

2.Soft Wristbands – Once each car is safely parked a welcome pack will be put on the windshield. For each user, the kit includes individually colored wristbands. Every color is connected to the four 20-minute periods that the wearer will exit his vehicle during the case. This procedure ensures that foot traffic is reduced and eliminates circumstances where too many pedestrians at one point leave their cars.

3.Floor Capacity – 250 cars are planned for each event. This makes the maintenance of successful social distancing amid the anticipated need and capacity for even bigger numbers.

4. Line Control – toilet and food lines would be controlled by guidelines to separate consumers from each other in a secure manner. Stewards shall be at the discretion to advise and ensure consistency with the protocols.

5. Hand Sanitation – dedicated hand sanitation stations will be located around the event site at different locations. Both customers can use these once they leave the vehicle.

For those who are good enough to see the car-park social appear in their neighborhood, they need early reservations, since the next tour will be nationally distributed. The Summer Tour 2020 will take you to the following towns:

  • TX Austin Austin
  • MA Boston, Boston
  • New York City Brooklyn
  • Dallas TX Dallas
  • Mike, Detroit
  • TX Houston, Houston
  • North Africa, IN
  • PA, Philadelphia
  • Louis, MO St.
  • Blueberries, FL
  • Washington DC Washington

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