Protecting Our Girls – 5 Steps to Help Find the Black and Missing!

Written By Contributing Writer- Cognac Cupcakes and Conversations

Malcolm X has been famously quoted to say that the Black woman is the most disrespected and neglected person in America. As two women of color we understand the need to elevate the Black female voice; and as the founders of Cognac, Cupcakes and Conversations, want to talk about issues affecting our communities. The time has come to have those hard conversations and we are calling the village to the carpet. 

The protection of black women has been a popular and important topic in the media as of late. So during our Small Biz Takeover with DC Now Events, we decided to put a magnifying glass on a portion of that topic that often goes under the radar: missing and abducted black women. We brought in expert Derrica, CEO and Co-Founder of the Black and Missing Foundation Inc., to the conversation. With credible backgrounds in law enforcement and her partner’s public relations skillset, Derrica was able to offer keen insight into how many of our Black people are missing, the disparities in media coverage, and how we can “help us find us”.

  • Get the word out.
    • As Derrica mentioned, Social Media is a gift and a curse. Use social media to not only spread the word about your missing loved one but also clues as to whom they may have been led astray.
  • Reach out to Black and Missing.
    • The world can be very evil and oftentimes people can capitalize off others’ pain. Make sure that you reach out to a valuable source to help aid in the fight, such as Black and Missing who will use their resources to help find your loved ones. Never give your personal contact information out. Use their tip hotlines (as well as the police).
  • Counsel and comfort them if they return home.
    • Mental health has been an ongoing unaddressed issue in the Black and Brown communities. It is important that we get our loved ones the proper care. Therapy can be a great resource for them to express themselves to an unbiased professional. 

  • Make a call to action.
    • With the elections coming up, it’s another reminder and reason to vote. Getting stiffer laws on predators, domestic violence, or to report a missing person before 24 hours are complete starts with us voting on these issues. 
  • Practice and teach awareness.
    •  Be aware of your surroundings. Although the current climate has us quarantined, predators are still finding new ways to prey. Make sure you are monitoring your children’s conversations on the web and phones. Teach them the importance of internet safety and not engaging with strangers. As an adult, you too should follow the same guidelines.

You can support Black and Missing by sharing their posts with your networks. Donating monetary funds will help bring in more resources to continue the mission. It takes a village, so gather your friends and help by putting up flyers, and organizing search parties. Continue the conversation by educating your friends and family on safety and awareness. Most importantly, vote for the right leaders who care about the Black and Brown community and will put money, and effort into bringing our loved ones home safe. 


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