DMV’S Newest Minority-owned Creative Space|Opens This Friday| For Artists, Vloggers, Event Planners, and Media Professionals!

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Starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic is no easy task, but two minority co-owners; Aliya and Smitt, co-founders of Mindbolic studio is aiming to beat those odds, while being a service to the company they are based in. 

As two culturally sound partners and visionaries; who are hoping to connect passionate individuals that need an outlet, and space to convey their message, in the areas of entertainment, creative integrity, media, and professional artistry for those who exhibit unique musical talents.

So, what we do mean by providing service, and musical talents? The soft opening of Mindbolic Studio, based in Montgomery County, Kensington, Maryland, will be a creative studio and hub to media professionals, bloggers, podcasters, musicians, creatives, Youtubers, and many more, who’s goal is to have an access to a nurturing their talent within a studio and creative space that compliments their vision and mission. 

What is Mindbolic Studio?

Mindbolic studios are a professional innovative company. Driven on providing the ultimate creative client experience for recording artists, with state of the art equipment, and professional sound with the intent to service all music, media, and promotional needs. 

Sounds dope! What else?

What is also unique about Mindbolic Studios is that we offer; artists full packages ranging from artist development, graphic album cover design, songwriting collaboration photography shoots, and media interviews. As a 24 hour facility, our community and interested professionals will be able to book studio sessions at an available time that is available. 

Mindbolic studio is equipped with its own radio and podcast room next to their quality recording room. Oh! we can’t forget there’s also a multipurpose room available for private events and classes. So, if you are an event planner, promotional organizer, publicist, blogger, Youtuber, Mixologist curator, or Culinary event specialist, their studio has all the aesthetics, customer service to meet your abilities and vision. 

Connect with Mindbolic this Friday, October 30th.2020 for their private visual opening; as they give you a sneak peek into what the DMV will be expecting.



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