New Year’s Portraits! DMV’s newest minority owned-photography studio has arrived.

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In todays time, a photography studio has to offer more than basic photography and rental space. It has to include different categories to fulfill client requests. Snapping traditional shots doesn’t cut it any longer. Instead, a reliable photography studio needs to concoct innovative ideas to attract more clients for a constant flow of pay. 

When a client goes looking for photography or videography services, he/she will undoubtedly need a photographer who can consider new ideas and produce great shots. That is the reason a videography/photography studio has the skill to think of various classes to suit various tastes and customer base. 

Professional videography specialists are frequently expensive, however, the speculation is well justified, despite all the trouble, since this is the main way you can re-experience your:

Fashion Photography

Holiday Portraits

Wedding Portraits

Family Portraits

Corporate portraits 

and an array of ideal settings that suits your needs, at whatever point you need. 

Benefits of Hiring the Hut Photography & Video Studio:

Our service has been a display of quality and is modified to take into account the specific necessities of people. Below, we will talk about the benefits of renting photography space or hiring our expert photographers, and videography service providers:

Guaranteed Service:

One of the key benefits of our Photography, and Videography Service Provider is that we provide guaranteed service and quick turnaround. Which is a result of our guaranteed service contributions. Supported by long years of involvement in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, our experts go the extra mile in offering quality services. Our company core values stand on customer service, which, is what makes Hut Photography & Video Studio reliable.  


Photo & Video Editing station now available for booking:

Our studio is now available for booking to other photographers/videographers.  The minimum booking time at our studio is 2 hours and bulk rates available. We are open 7 days a week except for holidays, contact us for more details. The inside working dimension of our studio is approx. 18’W x 26’D x 12’H with an Infinity wall and a dressing room. Each booking comes with one of our specialists to help aid in the perfect experience, ensuring you capture

Hut Studio Offers:

(Studio A)

  • 500sq ft.
  • 18’W x 26’D x 12’H with an Infinity wall 
  • Dressing room
  • Lighting
  • Different color Backdrops
  • Opens 24hr/ 7days a week.
  • 2hr minimum

Customized Service :

Our professional photographers give redid services. You can get a wide range of services under one rooftop. Be it a birthday celebration, wedding, commemoration, or some other uncommon occasion, practically a wide range of events are covered by our expert company. Our professional photographers know how to catch those momentary minutes, to portray the account of your enormous day! 

Industry Experience :

Experience is a significant part of videography because a videographer with experience will know precisely how to catch each snapshot of your wedding since the person has done it ordinarily previously. Our professional videographers will sort out the best vantage focuses, get the points right, and uses his experience of altering skills to assemble a work of art with dynamic impacts. 

Modern Equipment :

Simply experience isn’t sufficient in the realm of videography, it is similarly critical to have the best in class tools. Our videography service provider will have the modern recent camera alongside the most recent programming which allows them to create, alter, and give the video to you. An HD camera joined with dynamic lighting gear, an excellent mouthpiece, and programming are all the tools they require. 

Plenty of Options to choose from:

When you contact Hut Photography & Video Studio, you can be assured of an extraordinary video. In any case, you should talk with the videographer about the different alternatives including the convenience of the completed item. Our videographer will show you various models and ideas. You can pick the most ideal option as you would see it before the videographer having the opportunity to work. 

As a One-Stop Shop Production Studio, Hut Photography is 5 miles from the border of Washington, DC and 7 miles from the State of Virginia art building design (Brand New). With easy to find and affordable roadside parking.

Hut Studios Also Offers:

a) Professional Photographers and Videographers

b) Photo Packages 

c) Photo & Video Production and Editing with Adjustable Stand Up Table

d) DVD Production & Duplication

e) Analog to digital tape transfer  

f) Photo & Video Equipment Rental

g) On the spot photo printing: 2×4, 4×6, 8×10 & 13×19 Prints

(Studio B)


a) Recording

b) Mixing

c) Mastering

d) Music Editing 

e) Beat Composing

f) Musicians

g) Band

h) Album Graphics and Logo Design


a) DJ Service for Your Big or Small Events

b) Sound System Rental

c) DJ/MC & Recording Artists

d) Audio Equipment, Lights & Effects Rental

With more than 9 years of experience, we stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest technology, software, and equipment to deliver quality and desired results to our clients. We offer the luxury of creating a new space where the possibilities are endless.

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