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In a digital age, it can be very unusual to have the ability to interact with like-minded people. But face it, there are many offers in the workplace – mostly made at dinner, in the café, in the golf course. In-person experiences should also not be limited. The effectiveness of a company’s or individual growth plan can be critical from creating new businesses by keeping up with the current trend.

DC Now Events has initiated “NOW Program” Advertising Credit initiative relief that will aid and support small businesses, and individuals that are hosting onsite events, activities, or virtual events.

What are the allocated ad credit amount?

  • Credits are rewarded by qualified applications.
  • Credits are rewards per individual application or business.
  • The credit amount will be no less than 40% and no more than 75% discount on our standard advertising rates.
  • Credits will have an expiration date of when to be used.

How does the Program Help?

  • Keep the promotion of your event going strong.
  • Help with promotional and advertising costs.
  • Connect with more eventgoers.
  • Promote your virtual event message.
  • Assist with reach and online visibility of your event.

The pandemic has within 10 months taken the event industry, hospitality, local nightlife, media, and entertainment industries back to a point of possible no return. Some contend, the bulk of culturally oriented activities may not be conducted now, and instead pivoted to a streaming/virtual route with the most eye-catching and special functions. Through DC Now Events, Advertising credit program, the goal is to assist the event curator in all industries, sectors,  and in this transformation to improve their appeal to event-goers of all ages, ethnic groups, and desires who want to enjoy a nice time from the warmth and safety of their home.

Six months from the start of the pandemic, DC Now Events has supported the event industry, social causes, and small business locally with an allocated donation of up to $2,500. As part of their early covid19 relief initiative, the company had also incorporated their Small Biz Takeover initiative for small business owners and entrepreneurial by giving their special guest access to takeover their Instagram. From granting their guest access, they are able to speak of topic picked by DC Now Events, and share talking points to the company Instagram followers.

Corporations like Facebook or Google have either canceled their conferences in person or took the simulated world in the early days of the pandemic. As the use of video conference services has dramatically increased in recent months, providers including Zoom have lifted broadcasting limits to satisfy industry and entertainment practitioners with live streaming activities and conferences.

Applying for DC Now Events advertising credit program-will assist with promotional expense internally for your business events and you get to tap into the company large network of avid eventgoers or seekers.

Benefits of the NOW Program:

1)Get to Know New People:

The company Advertising Credit Program allows small businesses who’s curating events to extend your social circular, which will allow them to accomplish their onsite or virtual event goals. It is good to extend your social network as far as possible. It provides new opportunities and new experiences to meet new people. Although you can meet new people today using your Wi-Fi from the safety of your house, most of the time it’s good to have virtual activities in place. There you’ll also find people who can be helpful for both personal and company circumstances within your geographical proximity.

2)New Learning:

Th Now Program-Advertising Credit by DC Now Events is going to help you socialize and introduce new opportunities. Which means that you are going to discover something new. It will broaden your sense of life, whether it is to socialize better or to use talent, and this is something you cannot skip. Listen carefully, cast your assumptions over the window and open your eyes, mind, and heart and bring in new people and thoughts wherever you can, never ignoring each person you encounter can still teach you something new in your life. Listen carefully.

3)Enrich Your Life:

You will enrich your life by socializing, and applying for the company Advertising Credit Program, and expanding your reach.

4)Sorting Public Gathering:

If you want to learn how to plan a social group, this is advice – everyone should join up with food! Bring food or prepare it and call a few mates to share the experience. On a day where you can use more social contacts, encourage your friends to put your social network, and to extend it. It’s always nice to extend your ties, but don’t be afraid to meet people. Apply now to DC Now Events “NOW Program” Advertising Credit Program by DC Now Events.

To learn more and apply to the NOW Program visit the link below: http://nowprogram.dcnowevents.com/


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