Say Hello to Float DC, A Minority Owned, 18-foot Picnic “Rental” Boat Company at the Wharf

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Float DC is a black-owned electric rental boat company that provides boats to family, couples, friends, business professionals, and couples for entertainment purposes. The company was founded by Lavert Phillips an African American serial entrepreneur whose mission is to “Offer A Safe, Fun And Eco-Friendly Way To Enjoy The Beautiful Waterways At The Wharf, DC”.

MEET THE OWNERLavert Phillips an African American serial entrepreneur.

Since the start of the pandemic, boating in the Washington, DC metropolitan area was brought to a halt; due to safety measures and state-wide restrictions. As of now, those measures are slowly being lifted, and boat owners are being allowed to rent their boats out to individuals who are interested in enjoying a nice day out on the water. Due to those restrictions, Float DC runs on an operating hour from 8am to 6pm between April and October.

Float DC was brought to fruition in 2019 for the sole purpose of providing boating entertainment and a unique experience to event-goers seeking to take sail on the water and for families who want to go on boating. If you seek to rent out a boat, you can book the boats directly from the Float DC website. The company is known to have one the best equipment to make you have a safe journey. Their boats are cleaned, well kept, and environmentally friendly.

What kind of boats does float DC provide?

You will see that the boats there are 100% electric and were designed in Scandinavian at float DC. The boat uses electric motors for boating and can go upwards to 5 miles per hour; however, you can drive them at your own pace for safety measures if you want. These boats are specially designed for a picnic or entertainemt purposes. So, if you want to take your significant other on a sweet date, try coming here.

Do they give boats to rent?

If you are planning to enjoy an experience at Float DC for the first time and are unsure whether they provide rental boats or not, you have no need to worry. Float DC provides rental boats for all your entertainment needs. You can rent the whole boat to yourself and enjoy the whole ride without any stranger ruining your mood. But if you want to drive the boat yourself, you can simply inquire about it. Float DC allows you to drive or steer the wheel yourself as long as you have a driving license and are over 21. The company serves and provides services in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia,

What are the rental fees of the float DC boats?

If you want to rent a boat for yourself only, then Float DC is your best option. The company, rental fee rates, start at $150 per hour; however, if you want to rent it for more additional hours, such as 2 hours, you will have to pay about $300.For that rental rate, you can easily enjoy the whole ride in silence and solace, and no one will disturb you. We personally think that this is the best physical activity for those who might be introverts or just want to enjoy a day out by themselves. These prices are also very reasonable, and you don’t have to pay more for mere reasons.

What is the size of the boat provided at float DC?

The boats present at float DC are about 18 feet long. It can easily fit 21 people at a time. So, if you want to throw a small party for your friends, you can easily do it here. If you are into boating and it has been your dream to have your marriage ceremony held in a boat, Float DC is willing to make your dream come true. But only if there are no more than 21 people.

Do I need to follow the SOPs here as well?

The SOPs are as strictly followed here as anywhere else. You must wear a mask to ride a boat, and social distancing is also followed thoroughly here and all over Wharf DC.

Unique things that are not present in regular boats:

There are many more unique and exciting things a Float DC boat has than any other boat(s). You might not hear it much or might have to especially organize these things in other boats by paying, but in Float DC boats, these cool things are already present that you don’t have to pay for, such as:

1.     They have built-in speakers:

In most of the boats, you will see that there are no speakers or Bluetooth audio speakers. But the amazing part of riding a Float DC boat is that they have built-in Bluetooth speakers so that you can relax and enjoy the ride. You can play your favorite song if you want, all for your comfort.

2.     USB outlets:

This is honestly the best part. While you are on a regular boat, you won’t see any USB outlets there, but in a Float DC boat. You can easily spot them. This makes your ride stress-free as you can charge your phone and won’t have to worry about less battery.

3.     Electric coolers:

Float DC boats come with electric coolers, so if a customer feels hot, they can be turned on. They are mostly turned off because the weather at the Wharf is already cool and fresh. But if there are customers who feel hot even then, especially on a hot day, you can ask the wheeler to turn it on for you. It is totally free if you were wondering.

4.     Blankets:

There are blankets already provided by the company so that you won’t feel cold due to the chilly air.

5.     Life vest for kids:

There are a lot of customers who have their little kids tag along. So, to assure their safety, kids’ life vests are provided by the company for free.

6.     Trash bags:

If there are customers who have come to party or picnic, trash bags are given, so they don’t leave trash in the boat itself or, worst, throw any unused items in the water.

7.     Essential safety equipment:

There are essential safety equipment also present in the float DC boats. It includes a first aid kit, in case someone gets hurt, fire extinguishers, SARTS, etc. these are already present in the boat, so you don’t have to worry about even a single little thing. You can enjoy your ride without any nuisance.

These were all the things that you need to know before going on a small trip on the float DC boat. Hopefully, this article could remove any doubt you had regarding the services provided by the company.

Is there a website?

To know more, you can visit their website at:

What is Float DC social Media?

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