Have you heard of Adventure in Black? A local travel agency that’s designed to connect millennial Black travelers through events

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Have you ever heard of “adventure in black”? No? It is okay. We can tell you all the details that you need to know about this agency.

Adventure in Black is a local travel agency established in 2019. It was made for the millennial African American travelers seeking to explore their social outing options both domestically and internationally while enjoying trips to unique and experiential places like Brazil, Dubai, Thailand, Egypt, and Bali. Adventure in Black is situated in Washington, DC, and is one of the prominent growing travel agencies within the Nation’s Capitol. The company consists of its Founder and CEO, Ms.Courtney Simone, who leads the mission and growth of AIB.

Courtney Simone, Founder and CEO of Adventure In Black

The video above does no justice to how innovative and important being a member of AIB can benefit your traveling need. The company mission is designed to elevate and informed African American travelers. Traveling with Adventure in Black has become so easy. You can easily enjoy the whole trip the way you want. If you prefer to enjoy trips in solitude, you can book the whole trip to your name, or if you are someone like us who enjoys trips with new people, you can go on group tours. Honestly, a trip with many new faces and personalities makes the fun double. You can make friends and enjoy the trip with these fun-loving new people that you found.

These trips might also prove useful as there could be celebrities or other important figures that you just can’t stop yourself from taking a picture with.

Purpose of Adventure in Black

The main purpose of Adventure In Black travel agency is to make people come out of their shells and connect with like-minded travelers. Due to a nationwide pandemic, AIB wants to help travelers socialize again and live a life free of any fear of COVID-19 through educating their members with travel guidelines and protocols. One safety measure AIB implement is they provide safety SOPs to ensure their traveler’s safety and health. No compromise in that.

Adventure in Black provides group tours keeping the sole motive of social outings in mind. You can see a lot of new places, take pictures, buy souvenirs for your loved ones and enjoy the trip making new friends. “We want people to see the beauty of the outside world, to see various cultures, their way of living, customs, traditions, and cuisines”-AIB.

There is a lot more to the world that we know or are customized to as living in the same place since birth. You can also interact with foreigners and catch up on some of the things from their countries. For example, Italy is best known for its red wine. The red wine made in Italy comes purely from the plants of red grapes. You can see how their workers work day-to-night and earn their livings. And the taste of the red wine made in Italy is purely divine. You could never want to miss this whenever you come to Italy.

We took the time to engage in a Q&A forum with the company, Founder and CEO to learn more about their company goals, mission, and future plans.

Q:What is the purpose of the AIB?

A: The main purpose of Adventure in Black is to create exceptional travel experiences, events, and informational content for black travelers.  You’ll see this in every international trip, exclusive outing, and blog entry on our website. We feel that encouraging black travelers to see more of the world and step outside of their comfort zones provides them with the opportunity to experience new places,  meet new people and create unforgettable memories.

Q:Where did the inspiration for wanting to create a company such as AIB?

A: The inspiration for Adventure in Black actually started back when I was a little girl. My grandparents were well-traveled and always adorned their homes with artifacts, souvenirs, and photos from their Adventures. Naturally, I was inspired to travel myself and was amazed at seeing and doing, especially while abroad. It wasn’t until I began planning travel for major corporations that I noticed that WE (black people) were missing in many of the discussions surrounding travel. I knew that I had the opportunity to build a platform where both expert and first-time travelers of color could network, learn and explore new lands together. 

Q: The company name is very catchy and easy to remember -how did you come up with the name? 

A: I knew I wanted to be intentional about who Adventure in Black was for. So having the word BLACK somewhere in the name was extremely important to me. Also, when I thought about my own personal travels, every moment is unique, exciting, and full of Adventure. I needed this feeling to come through the business name.

Q:What are the benefits of attending an AIB travel experience?

A: One of our specialties is solo group travel. We believe that if someone wants to see the world, they don’t have to FEEL alone when they do it. Our trips are full of like-minded individuals from all walks of life. In addition, we pride ourselves on giving our members the best without the stress associated with travel. We take care of everything once they reserve a seat with us. That way, they can just relax and get ready to enjoy the journey. 

Q: Event-goers love unique themes. We know that AIB hosts domestic events locally? How does your local event differentiate from your international AIB experiences?

A: We put as much detail into our domestic experiences as our international ones. Our goal is to transform what seems like the ordinary into something unforgettable. We look forward to revamping our most popular domestic experience: Sip & Trip – A black Winery Experience where we take professionals of colors to enjoy the beautiful wineries and learn about the cultivation process right here in DC!

Q: Tell us about the Spin the wheel promotion on your website? where winners can win a vacation.

A:I’m a strong believer that vacations don’t have to be expensive, we want to give everyone who visits our site an opportunity to travel with us. Hence we always have promotions and flexible payment options available. 

Q: For someone shy about making new friends, how does AIB elevate their shyness?

A:We have several virtual events before each trip! This helps people to know who they are meeting before they step on the plane! We also have a private Facebook Group that encourages questions and dialogue amongst our community. 

Q:What makes AIB different from other companies similar to yours?

A: Being a small business compared to much larger black travel companies actually helps us. During the pandemic, our team has continued directly engaging with our audience on social media and through virtual events such as our Readers’ Social Virtual Book, AIB Gamenight, and recently added discussions in Clubhouse. We want people to know that we aren’t just a machine and the people behind the Adventure in Black Brand are here for them.

Q:What is your background in entrepreneurship?

A: I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur in my senior year of college at Howard University where I took an entrepreneurship course that changed my life. I’ve also worked to help support small businesses across the DMV area prior to deciding to start Adventure in Black.

Q: What are the benefits for a venue owner wanting to partner with AIB for your domestic events?

A: We pride ourselves in our community and demographic of black travelers. Venue owners that are looking to expand their reach or need additional notoriety are always welcome to partner with us. We also love showcasing venues through our blog which has gained over 2,000 subscribers since the pandemic.

Q:What are the benefits for event planners wanting to partner with AIB?

A: Event planners are vital to our business. The level of uniqueness that we present in every experience or international event takes a certain level of skill and dedication to execute. Those looking to expand their reach or partner on unique concepts are always welcome at the AIB table. 

Q:Are there any future plans for AIB?

A: Yes! We are constantly planning new and exciting tours and experiences on our website. As more borders begin to open, our goal is to build strategic partnerships aligned with supporting black mobility. Our goal is to help see more black travelers in marketing, media and have the opportunity to showcase their stories. 

Q:What are the rates when it comes to booking a travel experience with AIB?

A: We have rates dedicated for all budgets and traveler types. All of our trips provide 4 and 5-star accommodations, personal touches, and detailed itineraries that keep people on their feet. We also have flexible payment plans with options as low as $200 a month. 

Q: You offer digital products for travels? What are the benefits of the digital product?

A: We understand that Adventure in Black’s members is talented professionals with various goals, dreams, and aspirations. We developed ‘The Ultimate Black Travel Template’ kit for those who want to enhance their own social media/business presence with stunning imagery that will assist them in producing wonderful content for their own platform. We love seeing the growth and development of anyone in our network. We’re also finalizing our AIB Travel Guides for travelers who might find themselves planning travel on their own and want an expert opinion on what to do and see while on their journey! We’re very excited about these new offerings and know they will be valuable to our network. 

Q:Becoming a member with AIB, what does that consist of or includes?

A: When you join our Facebook Group, attend an event, or travel with Adventure in Black, we consider you family! Just like a family, we are here to support and uplift; we want all of our members to feel and understand that when deciding to book with us.

Q:How was social media used to promote AIB?

A: We use many different ways to reach our audience, but the most effective method has been our MeetUp group and Facebook group–which has over 1000 members combined–filled with travelers from all over the world who have shared our group with their peers. There are other ways we are currently fine-tuning behind the scenes as far as original content that we’ll be sharing with our base and the world in the coming months.  

Q:What’s the Adventure In Black website?

A: You can find us at adventureinblack.com or @Adventure in Black on all platforms.

Q: Are there any criteria for becoming an AIB member?

A: Nope! Just come prepared to have an open mind, heart and ready to explore!

Membership portal- Membership — Adventure in Black

Q: Can you see AIB being a Franchise down the road?

A: Not a franchise; however, I see Adventure in Black as a major platform that will employ black folks from all walks of life. Allowing them to perfect their craft and showcase their talents with team members who care and support them.

Q: Is Adventure in Black on Instagram?

A: Yes, we are!

Adventure In Black ™ (@adventureinblack) • Instagram photos and videos

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