From City to City: HalfSmoke restaurant finds a new home in Baltimore, Maryland, with the owner, Andre McCain’s, leading the way!

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Since opening in 2016, in Washington, DC, few blocks from the illustrious Howard University; HalfSmoke “casual” dining restaurant had gained phenomenal recognition, and positive food reviews from its unique food themes, food packaging of nostalgia classic games, great customer service, and a catchy slogan “DON’T GROW UP IT’s A TRAP,” which for the most part, has some truth to it. But for those who are not familiar with the minority-owned restaurant, Don’t worry; we got all the information you might need here in this article, so buckle up and enjoy the read till the end.

HalfSmoke 2016 location, Washington, DC

|651 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 

The restaurant features casual American food that compliments the signature dish of the Nation’s Capital known as a “HalfSmoke,” which consists of half-pork and half-beef, smoked, and served with herbs, onion, and chili sauce. The restaurant menu will catch your attention mainly due to its emphasis on naming each food or drink item after a prominent landmark or popular DC catchphrases.

HalfSmoke is in the top ranking for the foodies out there as one of the best places to get smoke sausages from. The sausages are like the normal sausages we eat everywhere, but the smokey touch and all the other ingredients used to differentiate it from others. Founded by African American serial entrepreneur Andre McCain, a Morehouse graduate who studied Economics and Finance.

McCain was only 34 years old when he quit his job as an investment banker and started to chase his dream. His passion was to open up his own restaurant, which he did achieve in the end. He even worked in McDonald’s to learn all that is to know about the food industry. This is just how much Mr.McCain was devoted to achieving his dream.

With the first location being based in Washington, DC, HalfSmoke has grown over the last 6 years and has added two new locations to its portfolio. The second location is set to open in Rockville, Maryland, at The Rockville Town Square. The third location has opened up in Baltimore, Maryland, at 2400 Boston Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

HalfSmoke Baltimore, location inside view

Just in time for the new restrictions to be lifted, the Baltimore location has been picking up traction and new foodies wanting to see and try out the new menu. Due to the reason it being a branch of the original Half Smoke, people from all around have come to get a taste of what Baltimore has to offer. This is why it is such a big hit in the Baltimore market. Andre McCain, said: “We are excited to be entering the Baltimore market in an area of downtown that continues to grow with retail, entertainment and restaurant options,” “We’re confident that our new Half Smoke location will become the go-to dining choice for Canton workers and residents, diners from the surrounding communities and visitors to Baltimore.”

People not only come here to have a taste of what HalfSmoke has to offer, but also to dine here with their families or for having a party. They provide take-outs as well. You can come here anytime to even have a brunch with your colleagues. The environment here is warm and welcoming, which just makes the customers unwind and enjoy the meal.

HalfSmoke Baltimore-smoke maple-bacon Old fashion

Is HalfSmoke following the SOPs?

If you are worried about your safety and health, then you are worrying for no reason. Half Smoke is strict about SOPs. To enter the restaurant, you need to wear a mask, your temperature gets checked, and after that, you are allowed in. even then, they impose a 6-Feet Social distance policy, and no standing is allowed. All employees of HalfSmoke are prompted to wear masks, and they also disinfect the tables and other surfaces before the visiting of the next customers.

Founder and Owner Andre McCain have proved to us all that hard work and devotion to ones’ passion can make dreams come true. It is due to him that a lot more people have gained enough courage to achieve their passion. McCain was a person who never showed negativity even when people were saying things like what’s so new about smoked sausages, everyone can make them, or our food is still the best. These things never seemed to faze him, even the smallest of the amount, and he continued to go to his goal. It is due to people like Mr.McCain we are gaining the courage to achieve our goals too.

Mr.McCain hard work and dedication led him to be a special guest on the Kelly Clarkson’s Show:

HalfSmoke Restaurant on Instagram: “Shipping a halfsmoke across the country may not have been easy, but it was 100% worth it.😉 We’re so grateful to @kellyclarkson and the…”

In the end, if you haven’t had the chance to visit the new Baltimore location, we hope after reading the article, it will influence you to do so. When the city Mayor chooses to visit your place of business, you are doing good work within the community and respected industry.

Do have HalfSmoke have a website?

Yes, please visit their website at-HalfSmoke – Washington, DC

Is HalfSmoke on Social Media?

Yes, they are, their profile is right here!

HalfSmoke Restaurant (@halfsmoke) • Instagram photos and videos

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