Find Events Faster and Easier with NOW COLORS as DC Now Events debuts its new search feature.

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A New Experience is Coming:

Want to know what DC Now Events has been up to since the pandemic started? Well, this article is here to provide a few insights into what exciting things their company is bringing to event-goers for 2021, within the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Mostly known for advertising a variety of events for families, couples, friends, and anyone seeking cost-friendly events, DC Now Events has been working on a new feature that will blow your mind!

This new feature is known as “NOW COLORS.” The initial rollout started last week and began with a unique five-day countdown approach that focuses on giving event-goers a sneak peek of their design templates and visual content.

In launching this new feature, there were several driving motives and goals:

  • The first main purpose of this feature was to launch NOW COLORS and promote it to the public.
  • The second main purpose was to provide event-goers with an easier, user-friendly way of identifying events that appeal to their interests.
  • Additionally, this new feature was made to spread awareness and increase the interest rate of potential event-goers.

NOW COLORS wants to make it easier for their followers and community to search for any event they have in mind on their platform. This is a feature exclusively for their community members and followers; only they can take advantage of this new service.

There are many targeted audiences for NOW COLORS. This includes any event-goer, local residents, families, singles, or couples as well as tourists and students from nearby schools, colleges, and universities. Local restaurants and five-star restaurants, bloggers and photographers, local nonprofits, vendors, and thrifters are also included.

You can enjoy using their search feature to meet all of your event-searching needs!

The countdown for the launch of NOW COLORS began on May 8th, starting with a big announcement that was shown to 15,000 online users with the caption that stated, “A new and seemingly easy way for our community members to discover their favorite events on our platform!”

NOW COLORS is a new way to identify, discover, and find your favorite events!

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