Black Girls Rockville will provide free haircuts to Montgomery County residents residing in homeless shelters on June 11th.2021

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With so much going on globally, a local organization named Black Girls Rockville is giving back to the community from the pandemic to civil unrest. Their event, Blankets, and Haircuts, held on June 11th, will provide free breakfast and haircuts to 35 men and women residing in shelters of Montgomery County, Maryland.

The organization event will accept donations in food, clothing, shoes, and housing. Montgomery County, Maryland, is one of the wealthiest communities in the Washingtonian, Metropolitan area. Yet, there’s a serious issue of homelessness with the local minority populations in the county. Black Girls Rockville’s hope is to slowly provide aid from their network of small business owners, entrepreneurs, friends, and family.

To learn more about Breakfast and Haircuts you can visit their sign-up form here-Event Sign-up (

We got the chance to learn more about the organization and their Breakfast and Haircut event from a great Q&A:

Q: What is the purpose of the Breakfast and Haircuts?

A: The purpose of the breakfast and haircuts event is to feed the homeless with more than the indulgence of food. We’re looking to feed their spirit with self-love, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-appreciation. Our situations can change the way that we appear and not even know it. We want to help change that!

Q: Where did the inspiration of wanting to create a Breakfast and Haircuts
come about?

A: The inspiration for Breakfast and Haircuts came about when I had several homeless women and men walk into our business asking for services. I questioned where they were coming from, and I had absolutely no clue. One amazing woman left a mark in our salon and in my heart. She knew exactly what she wanted. I didn’t want to offend her by asking if she was paying because I knew that I would cover her services. We booked her appointment, and she didn’t show. That’s when I knew that there was a need for self-care in the community.

Q: The company Black Girls Rockville is straight to the point and easy to
remember – how did you come up with the name?

A: The name came from God! I have a solid connection with how he guides me. Being the first Black salon and spa owner in Rockville who identifies as a Black Business that offers multicultural services. At the time of our transition, our community was going through turmoil. I conversed with a few of my staff members, discussing why we needed to be heard and how we can use our platform to be seen in our city. Black Girls Rockville dropped in.

Q: What are the benefits of supporting or donating to Breakfast and Haircuts as
an eventgoers?

A: The benefits of being a supporter or donator are simple—you’re giving to those who can’t provide for themselves. You’re sharing a part of yourself with those who may not be on the same level in life, and you can change that with your donation of any kind.

Q: Giving that restrictions are slowly lifting, what are some safety measures
that is in place for attendees?

A: With restrictions lifting, we plan to continue to follow the healthiest guidelines, such as social distancing inside and outside, temperature checks, hand sanitizer, disposal capes. We were expecting clothing donations until June 7th to ensure proper cleansing of the clothing items. We will pre-pack the food for easy distribution.

Q: Based on your Instagram post, we noticed the company the event is asking
for support in the forms of sponsoring and donations; what type of
support and sponsoring are you looking for?

A: The benefits of being a supporter or donator are simple—you’re giving to those who can’t provide for themselves. You’re sharing a part of yourself with those who may not be on the same level in life, and you can change that with your donation of any kind.

Q: For someone who is not too familiar with Black Girls Rockville, what
message are you hoping to convey when attending your events?

A: Be the strength and the power in the community “. We have endured and conquered a lot in our community of women. It’s time that we really share it with our neighbors. We are at times standing right near a woman who may need your community for support, creativity, or guidance. It’s our job to help each other win, heal and conquer more.

Q: What makes the Black Girls Rockville different from other Therapeutic and

A: Black Girls Rockville is Therapeutique Salon and Spa nonprofit organization. We are the same entity that provides services of therapy through beauty for customers and the community.

Q: What is the background of the members of Black Girls in Rockville, as it
pertains to entrepreneurship?

A: We are currently creating and building our members program. Our members are not limited to entrepreneurs. We have a lot of professional women as well. Our goal is to build different platforms for all woman in a multitude of lifestyles. The background is each individual member story that can change the next girl or woman being welcomed in.

Q: As an African American-woman-owned business, how is it like owning a
business in Rockville, Maryland? what message are Black Girls
Rockville trying to send for aspiring entrepreneurs and event planners?

A: As an African American woman-owned business, owning a business in Rockville is filled with learning curves, challenges, and courage. Unfortunately, you can encounter teaching others how to properly respect you and breaking old generational habits. While standing strong for a change. Black Girls Rockville sets the standards for entrepreneurs to be fearless in making change through creative outreach and serious events.

Q: What type of donations are needed for Breakfast and Haircuts?

A: We need everything that can help others survive. Business clothing, shoes, under garments, toiletries, nonperishables, and more.

Q: What services does your business Black Girls Rockville Therapeutic, and
Spa offers? And can people rent out the space for events?

A: We offer beauty services such as beauty—lashes, hair, makeup, skin treatments, massaging, boutique shopping. We open our retail to other small business owners, allowing them to share their businesses with our clients. We offer our space for POP Up Vending 2 Saturdays out of the month. We also have opportunities for those who would like to rent the salon for special beauty engagements, meet and greets, girl’s spa day, and more!

Q: Will your company be partnering with local shelters in Montgomery county?

A: Yes, we will be partnering with local shelters in Montgomery County.

Q: When partnering with local brands or individuals, what do you typically
look for, as it pertains to added value?

A: When partnering with other brands and individuals, were looking for those who match our brand self-care therapy.

Q: How was social media used to promote the past event of yours before the covid
and during covid-19?

A: We utilize social media to share everything about us and what we’re doing. Connecting with those who are looking to learn, share and grow.

Q: Is there a website?

A: You can keep up with everything on the salon blog on the salon website.

Q: What is the future-plans for Breakfast and Haircuts plans?

A: Our future plans first include having this event frequently. Allowing those that we help to understand that we support them each step.

Q: What are some ways the pandemic improves your business? and before the
pandemic, how was your business service bringing value to your intended

A: The pandemic helped improve customer service. Learning a detailed side of our customer’s lives, challenges, and how our services are a great escape. We also improved by growing with technology. We always provided top services; I believe we have created an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

Q: Is there a social media page for Black Girls Rockville?

A: Yes, there is! please follow us on Instagram- Black Girls Rockville (@blackgirlsrockville) • Instagram photos and videos

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