The Creative Suite: DMV’s newest minority woman-owned multipurpose venue space

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The Creative Suite is more than just a venue space, in fact, it is a safe space for creatives, visionaries, overachievers, and dream chasers. The establishment had a new facelift during covid-19 to become a multi-level and multipurpose creative suite. The three-level space can accommodate all of your creative needs, from event throwing, media coverage, photography, graphic design, podcast, beauty, and more.

In the heart of the DMV and location just 20 minutes away from the nation’s capital,  this is ideal for influencers looking to bring their content to life, and achievers looking to studying their craft, and photographers, who are interested in booking photoshoots, workshops, training, and film shoots.

The Creative Suite is debuting on August.7th.2021 at their Launch Party, with an all-access $20 VIP pass, we can reassure you this event will be talked about.

The Launch Party RSVP | Digital GraphX

Today, we would like to introduce to you the founder and creator of the Creative Suite, Mia Cole we had a wonderful Q&A with Ms.Cole to learn about the Creative Suite.

Q: After learning a lot about the Creative Suite, please share with our readers the mission and purpose of opening the business?

A: The Creative Suite is an expansion of my graphic design company, Digital GraphX LLC. Being a graphic designer in this area, I work with a lot of creatives & entrepreneurs. As my clientele grew, I noticed my clients had a similar issue, the DMV lacks content creation spaces. By acknowledging that problem, I turned it into an opportunity for my company. The Creative Suite was created to provide entrepreneurs, like myself, a place, not far from home, to express their creativity.

Q: As a creative suite-what separate your company from others, and what are some benefits Creative Suite offers?

A: I wanted to make sure The Creative Suite had one common theme, versatility. I’ve invested in equipment that fit’s the renters’ unique needs. By providing customers with tables & chairs, photography equipment, AV monitor, our suite can be used for parties, photoshoots, workshops, pop-up shops, classes, photoshoots & more. Our rental space even comes equipped with a full-service salon area to cater to entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Not too many rental
spaces offer such a wide variety of amenities in their rental packages.

Q: When people think of an event space-their the immediate assumption is high rental fees.

How does your rate differ from other creative suites?

A: I had to keep my people in mind! The average entrepreneur can’t afford to pay an arm & a leg to rent a space. Besides, 1 thing I learned from my previous car rental job, low rental rates will get the people coming in & amazing customer service will keep them coming back.

Q: You’ve shared with us that Creative Suite is near the school you attended, high school. What would students gain from visiting or learning about Creative Suite?

A: It’s so crazy how full circle life truly is. The Creative Suite is literally beside the HS I graduated from. I graduated from Crossland High School & attended their Technology Program where I received my Cosmetology License at age 18. It’s in my heart to give back. I’m currently working on a community outreach program that will provide training in exchange for service hours for students. With it being right next door, students don’t have to worry about not having reliable transportation.

Q: What are some of the key elements of the Creative Suite membership
program? and what does it entail?

A: I developed a membership program called, The Creative Collab. Members will receive exclusive discounts on rental rates & vendor’s fees. They will have the opportunity to book in advance to get first dibs on renting & what makes the membership so unique is the ongoing marketing opportunities & referral program. Once you’re a member, you’ll become a part of our company’s online Rolodex of creatives in the area for hire.

Q: Tell us about the launch of The Creative Suite? What would the event focus on and who will be in attendance?

A: I literally cannot wait for the Launch Party! & it’s all about networking with creatives in the DMV! I’ve invited literally all of my clients, friends, IG friends, any creative or entrepreneur I know in the DMV. Activities will include networking games, giveaways, food, drinks, hookah & vibes.

Q: How can people book the Creative Suite?

A: You can book the Creative Suite on our website

Q: Is there a website to learn more about the Creative Suite?

A: Yes,

We are also on Instagram @theecreativesuite

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