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The DMV Culture encompasses everything related to music, fashion, food, art, entertainment, and media. The media has shaped the narrative of how many tales are to be told in our region, highlighting the area’s grandeur (or lack thereof). Media has evolved into a space with a plethora of channels dedicated to disseminating information. Independent Media has emerged as the newest landmark in the world of television and radio, providing platforms with a platform to share their content; sites such as Baller Alert, The Shade Room, and The Neighborhood Talk have all been at the forefront of showcasing what Independent Media is and what it does.

Many sites and platforms have taken over the DMV landscape and are creating voices that help share extraordinary talent and businesses that help the DMV Culture move forward, just like The Neighborhood Talk, which was created by a DMV native. Many sites and platforms have taken over the DMV landscape and are creating voices that help share extraordinary talent and businesses that help the DMV Culture move forward, just like The Neighborhood Talk. In a world where there is so much division, these talented 8 Media Platforms came together to demonstrate the importance of unity in the media world and to shine a light on the top platforms that are anchoring the message throughout the area and capturing the essence of all platforms run by African American Men.

In a society where African American men are depicted as unfair and lacking in character, these men set the bar for what a King should look like and how essential it is for them to speak out for those who do not have one. Today, we construct the narrative and celebrate their position as Men of DMV Media in maintaining the grandeur of our city and being the narrators of such incredible stories.

Here’s an engaging Q&A we had with one of the 8 Men, The Media Prince, to learn further about their mission and purpose.

Q: After learning a lot about your accomplishments within the Media industry, as it pertains to the DMV, please share with our readers who is The Media Prince?

A: The Media Prince is a lover of art, music, fashion, culture, and entertainment. All these things add essence to the DMV and I use my platform to show the best of it. My sole accomplishment is knowing I helped curate the voice of our area for those who follow me.

Q: How are the DMV Biggest Independent Media Company of men selected?

A: I have had my eye on the Kings for a minute, they each bring something to the DMV Culture and it was time they all be seen. Though it’s 8 of us now, there were definitely more in the beginning but fate made us 8, ahaha I rhymed. There are more Men of Media to come, we are just getting started, just work hard and put on for the community in a major way.

Q: From the 8 leading men in Media in the DMV, what value does each bring to the DMV social scene, event scene, publication relations professionals, and entrepreneurs?

A: Each brings a facet of Art and Entertainment here, which makes DMV go round, The DMV Daily gives voice to every industry in the DMV, Music On The Dot, Jukebox DC, MoBoomBox all bring a voice to the artist visually and digitally that all artists want to be apart of, Big Mouf Media, fills the void of us having our very own Say Cheese or Vlad, The Posh Standard brings a flare of Black Excellence that completely shifts the energy of the culture into positivity, The Media Prince showcases an arena of everything art and storytelling and pushing the inspiration narrative of where a Media guy can go and The Washington Informer Bridge is history and culture through and through.

Q: Why do you feel media is so important to the DMV and how should creatives and entrepreneurs utilize the 8 media platforms?

A: Media is so important in the DMV because we tell the stories we further push the narratives that will be seen, heard, and experienced. We are the anchors of sharing DMVs messages. Some of the most talented and astonishing people you would not know about if the Media in the DMV did not cover it. We are very vital in continuing the message and creatives and entrepreneurs alike should utilize us in efforts to further promote your brand.

Q: Many college students who are studying to become media professionals, what are some advice and tips you would recommend?

A: Really study your craft, love what you do, ask all the questions you can, and be certain in who you are and what you want to do in this field. This field is not easy and opportunities do not come out of the sky, however, passion and purpose come from this field, take hold of every internship and every chance you get to flex your talent. Do not doubt yourself and model your career to few. PLAIN & SIMPLE MAKE SURE YOU LOVE IT!

Q: When people think of media it is always relegated to the big news outlet. Could you share with us the different forms/type of media there is?

A: That’s so great you ask that because specifically here Media is always regarded as TV and Radio, but there is such a range of media from podcasters to print to correspondents to vloggers to bloggers to us the independent media that are creating of our own merits. Entities like The Neighborhood Talk who hails from here are independent media who have gained a mass following and can compete with TV and radio. They make lanes for people like us 8 Kings who have created independent platforms that can also push the mission outside of TV and Radio.

Q: The 8 DMV media platforms that are making a name for themselves. Could you share the benefits of each one? For someone aspiring to be an intern at any one of the platforms.

A: Each platform literally answers an audience in the DMV from Black Excellence to music to entrepreneurial to culture to history, we all are a cluster of everything DMV and honestly I could sell them all day but I want to force my area to really dive into these dynamic brothers The Media Prince, The DMV Daily, The Washington Informer Bridge, Big Mouf Media, The Posh Standard, Music On The Dot, Jukebox DC & MoBoomBox.  

Q: How have the 8 media platforms been able to pivot their message and branding during the pandemic?

A: Each platform really dove into the digital market head-on. The content we Kings have created has allowed us all to prosper during this horrific pandemic. We all jumped into our creative bag creating events, parties, galas, new platforms, interviews, concerts you name it, we did it and as you can see made us stronger, more resilient in our crafts, and through it, we all stayed true to our message and mission with our brands which is furthering the greatness DMV has to offer. 

Q: The Washington, DC, Metropolitan has been evolving and setting trends, however, it is still highly overlooked. Could you share with us what are some hurdles the area faces in the Media industry?

A: Being a threat is first, since we have control other platforms are sometimes not in favor of giving us the opportunity. Then there is hate, especially being a black male in a women’s takeover field, women are killing media. There are also limited opportunities and just a lack of network rapport when sometimes you just do not know the right people to get through to the next level. But what’s so dynamic about us is that we created our own when nothing was given and we are soaring at our own pace.

Q: How can these 8 media platforms improve and shape the narrative of DMV businesses and creatives?

A: Improving is a constant journey we all are always on, the key is just to never stop improving on getting to your best self and best quality. In all, the goal is to always think of ways that help get the positive message out of all that the DMV has to offer and do this through our media outlets, this will keep us on the steady journeys to constantly improve and ultimately this helps shape the narrative. We are all here for the epicness that is coming from here.

Q: Why is black media so important?

A: Black Media tells the authentic culture from which everyone steals. Black Media we are the cultivators. PERIOD! 

Q: How can people get in touch with these 8 media platforms?

A: Follow us all on social media and subscribe to our sites and YouTube.

Q: Is there a website to learn more about the 8 media platforms?

A: Yes check out this article.

Q: This story came at a great time during this current climate. Are there any closing remarks you like to share to anyone chasing their dreams?

A: Continue to chase your dreams until you run up on them Sha’Carri style. And help you, fellow brother or sister, we win more together than apart, the narrative is unity and the DMV unity at its best, we were proud to share that and honoring Black Kings working!


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