Model Mondayz| A new social mixer connecting fashion and networking at The Republic Garden

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When it comes to Fashion, the DMV has been in the topic of conversations. From creating their own style, dance, music (go-go) and few to name. The Washington, DC Metropolitan area, has pioneered some great individuals and brands. One of the brands and individuals name is Harley Morgan, CEO of ROE The Agency

ROE The agency is a modeling agency that is taking a holistic approach to showcasing fashion by intertwining it in unprecedented spaces, such as downtown Silver Spring, own, The Republic Garden starting on Monday. October 18th

Having partnered with Mayor Muriel Bowser at Art All Night this past month in addition to working with Baltimore Design School to support the education of their Fashion Design students, Harley, passion for the fashion industry and experience spans for over a decade. During the start of the pandemic, their agency has pivoted their brand in creative ways, ranging from virtual runway shows, and as of lately, a new in person installation called, Model Mondayz.

Most recently featured on ABC 7 WJLA, Harley had shared more insights of their purpose for Model Mondayz.

We did a Q&A with Harley Morgan to go further in depth about his agency and their newest event.

Q: Indie Fashion week has become a household runway name and brand, what have you learned since creating the concept?

A: Since creating the concept, I’ve learned that the creative community yearns for opportunity to connect, create, and commune. It’s very empowering to see other people building their dreams like the way you are. Why not share space and make memories with these people on the ascent up! I take pride in knowing that Indie Fashion Week has given many creatives a place and space to confidently say “I should be doing this!” We must keep this going for the sake of creative motivation!

Q:There are many models who feel they are not being represented or taking seriously when It comes to their profession. How has Model Monday’s been able to reassure their concerns?

A: Model Mondayz is a space to come and rub elbows with people that understand how you may feel – good, bad or indifferent. Having the opportunity to connect outside of the spotlight allows you to truly see and learn the person behind the brand. Trust and true relationship building are based off of genuine non prompted interaction. We are curating a space where it’s a must that you come as the authentic you…get back to business after the Monday Night Vibe!

Q: Tell us about the mission behind Model Mondays? And why it was created?

A: The mission behind Model Mondayz was to create a social atmosphere for members and supporters of the fashion, beauty, music, and lifestyle industries. We wanted all to have an opportunity to network and party with likeminded individuals. It also serves as a space to incubate collaboration and partnership. Our industries are so clique like; we wanted to make a space where all can feel comfortable, supported, and welcomed.

Q: For those who have never been to Model Mondays prior to the pandemic, what did Models gained who came to the event?

A:Models, Creatives and Supporters of both gain a lot from Model Mondayz! Individuals gained new associates in which they can create with, the opportunity to have their brand highlighted via different marketing segments that are offered, industry education from special guest industry influencers, opportunities to perform or participate in our entertainment spotlights, potential to win money and prizes with different promotions that are ran and much more!

Q: Model Mondays is a catchy name and event theme, how did the name come about?

A: Years ago, models from my agency used to get together on Mondays for a happy hour situation at my house. We would invite designers, make up artists, hairstylists or anyone that we’d worked with and enjoyed their vibe. The idea was to get to know each other “off the clock”. I titled it Model Mondayz simply because I work with models and we were hosting it. The title and meaning behind the gathering still remains relevant and accurate!

Q: For someone who does not like to go out during the week, what are some key reasons why they should attend Model Mondays?

A: The primary reason is simple – YOU will experience a different world and circle of great people at Model Mondayz! It’s an amazing vibe with amazing people that literally gather with the hopes of doing amazing things in conjunction with someone else amazing! We spend some time networking over happy hour, we transition to a feature of the night and then, we party…and get this, it’s over at a respectable time! You can still be productive on Tuesday!

Q:  You have partnered with many brands, venues, and companies, what were the key factors of choosing the Republic Garden for Model Mondays?

A: When I first walked through The Republic Garden, I knew this was gonna be home! It literally feels like The Republic Garden is the YIN to Model Mondayz YANG. The aesthetic and atmosphere is sexy, the vibe feels right and it’s size is comfortable for any crowd. They have an amazing staff, great food and free parking that’s right at the venue! We need our ladies to feel safe and assured with all that’s taking place these days. I really enjoy the space! Looking forward to doing great things there!

Q: Do you have to be a model to attend Model Mondays? And if not, what should an individual bring for networking purposes?

A: Absolutely NOT! Any and everyone is welcomed! You must bring a positive attitude, an open mind, and the willingness to connect with someone new! Some connect with business cards, some prefer IG – do what you genuinely do…just do it! I will say this, which is one of our slogans – “You don’t have to be a model, but you gotta be FLY!” Throw that on and step out! You’ll understand when you get there!

Q: ROE The Agency is known for their creative approach for events. What are some unique approaches you are hoping to bring to Model Mondays at the Republic Garden?

A: We will be doing “Creative Linkups” which are opportunities for creatives and entrepreneurs to take part in mini workshops and panel talks, we will have featured entertainment for your viewing pleasure, we will have brand owners serve as hosts weekly (providing exclusive business spotlights) and a few other programming elements that we are finalizing!

Q: How can a model take part in Model Mondays? Is there a sign up form, should they email to get on a waiting list?

A: Soon, there will be a Model Mondayz page found on! Until then, EVERYONE can stay in the loop via Instagram –  @ModelMondayzOfficial

Q: What is the age demographic to attend Model Mondays? Is it 21+ or for all ages?

A: Model Mondayz is 21+.

Q:When is the first Model Mondays event at The Republic Garden?

A: Model Mondayz kicks off with a Soft Opening on Monday, October 18th from 8pm  -midnight! Beat us there!


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