From sliding in the DM’s to the big screen. A DMV media maven is bringing their docuseries to the area

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Flo and Beks depict an intriguing and unrepresented story of two Nigerian-Americans who met online through Instagram and finally, at the end of the story, got married!

Flo and Beks were able to retain their God-ordained connection with their ordinary magical potion of keeping God first, preserving trust and loyalty in each other, while keeping the lines of communication open, allowing them to grow not just as individuals, but also as a cohesive pair. Simply put, Flo and Beks are a modern-day picture of what black love looks like in the world of 2021, which is ruled by millennials.

Flo and Beks have aligned to share their unique and unstoppable love story by creating a captivating four-part; docu-series entitled “Amadi Coming Soon”. The “Amadi Coming Soon” docu-series showcases the royal millennial couple’s journey on becoming The Amadi’s. Wedding planning is a task taken with the utmost highest regards, and the newlywed couple seamlessly pulled off planning and implementing not one, but two wedding ceremonies amid a global pandemic. The first ceremony being an extravagant Nigerian cultured and inspired ceremony was followed by the Classical Wedding Ceremony of the Year!

The Nigerian royal grandeur that was on the show via décor, real Nigerian clothes, cuisine, and genuine ceremonial rites left guests absolutely speechless. The Amadis’ objective of returning to the Motherland to show their family and friends authentic Nigerian culture was a huge success. The presence of God shone brilliantly through the obvious Amadi love that was on exhibit, according to guests who attended both ceremonies.

Flo Essence, often known as “Flo” is a mental health advocate, entrepreneur, and media figure. Flo’s job as a connector, on the other hand, is one of the most significant in her profession.

Flo is able to assist brands, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life by providing a platform that shines a light on the voiceless stories in an effort to publicize and garner attention for their work as the CEO of Go With the FloTM (GWTF) Entertainment, a media, and production company that provides a wide range of advertising and promotional services.

Flo has provided media coverage for a number of high-profile clients, including the popular Starz series POWER, the FX Original Series Snowfall, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild’n Out, and New York Fashion Week, among many other notable celebrity press events.

Beks Amadi is a project manager, entrepreneur, real estate agent, and financial management and business consultant. Beks is recognized for his one-of-a-kind ability to bring value to others by mentoring them in financial management and business counseling. He has successfully launched multiple enterprises, accelerated their growth, and continues to play an important part in their financial operations.

As an entrepreneur, Beks has developed the skill of being able to swiftly identify opportunities for growth and provide solution-based results to sustain long-term success.

We had the opportunity to interview both couples about their docuseries.

Q: Tell us about “Amadi Coming Soon” and the purpose of bringing the documentary to life?

A:The purpose of Amadi Coming Soon initially was to document our story in becoming The Amadi’s. Once we got engaged, naturally it was easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding. The romantic element of getting married is often put at the focus and forefront. But we quickly realized that there is a business side of accomplishing items off a checklist that must be completed in order to have a successful wedding. Then, Covid unexpectedly hit.

Due to the many Covid restrictions that were put into place throughout various periods of 2020, we didn’t know whether or not we would be able to have the wedding that we had envisioned initially. We knew our experience in our path leading up to getting married was unique because we had close friends who were engaged right around the same time, we were planning our wedding, who had to either postpone, cancel, or received a really small turnout. We were able to have the wedding of the year while adhering to Covid guidelines and without cutting off important people from our guest list. We need to show the world that it is still possible to have a safe, Covid free wedding that you always envisioned, even during these times.

Q: Walk us through the process of putting this documentary together? As a media professional, what were some challenges you weren’t expecting to face?

A:Putting together a documentary takes a vision. You have to see what you’re creating in order to know what you’re capturing. And from there, it’s all about the story you want to tell. And the experience you want your audience to see and feel. What I love about documentaries is that it doesn’t require so much dialogue to tell a story; rather it can be felt visually and musically. The meat to your story is your footage and you have many different ways you can tell a story. Then finally, it’s all about cleaning and scrubbing your work. Making it make sense for the next person to follow, listen, and pay attention to.

This process was nothing short of what I expected. I have to admit; I was completely unprepared for this. As a media professional, the best thing that saved me was my familiarity with the camera and editing process. I knew the basics. But this was far from the basics. This was my first time using green screens, sound and music that speak through various emotions and scenes within the documentary, script writing, thoroughly conveying ideas so that what you see in your mind is what is created in front of you. Precision and detail taken to a whole new level. I wasn’t expecting to face anything and ended up facing everything. But I can say I’ve learned so much. This was as eye-opening experience and I truly wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Q:  Prior to the Pandemic, there’s been several documentary series revolving around couples on television. What message are you hoping to convey that would make others tuned in?

A:I believe our story is unique because it encompasses a fascinating, unrepresented journey of two Nigerian-American individuals who found love online via social media (Instagram) and eventually made it to the altar. In an era where true love seems elusive to most, we were able to sustain our God-ordained relationship by keeping God first, maintaining trust and loyalty in each other, open lines of communication which allowed us to grow not only as individuals, but also as a unified couple.

Q: This documentary is brought to you By Go With the Flo Entertainment, could you share with us what your company is about and does?

A:Go With the Flo™ Entertainment is a media and production company that services business and branding needs; with specialty in print, digital, and media production.

Q: Some have said there’s an art to sliding in DM’s, would you consider that to be true?

A:Yes, and I’m selling the formula for $24.95 a subscription.

Q: You’ve did media at many events in the Washington, DC Metropolitan, area. What was some approaches you included in your docu series you learned from other events?

A:I would say the vision. I’ve interviewed many people in the same shoes I’m in now so I have an idea of how things are supposed to look. I’ve also learned early on that thing aren’t always as they seem so it has prepared me up until this point.

Q: How can people watch the docuseries?

You can watch the Docuseries on Wednesdays, premiering on UnSkrypted December 15, 2021.

Q: What network is the docuseries scheduled to be on?

It will be on UnSkrypted TV.

Q: Will the docu series be available on streaming platforms?

Eventually, it will be available on other platforms

Q: Is there a social media channel for the docuseries?

IG: @AmadiComingSoon

YouTube: Amadi Coming Soon

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