Ping Pong your way into love: DMV’S pre-valentines day Love Pong on Feb.11th

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Magical Nights: Love Pong at SPIN DC

Love Pong 2022 is here! Love is not just a couple of sports! Why not make it a group thing?! Love Pong is here in Washington performing this Friday, Feb 11th,2022, Love Pong wants to bring the community together again in a time where we have been a part for way too long at Spin DC.

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What can you expect at Love Pong:

  • General Admission: Unlimited Ping Pong Play all night long
  • Tito’s specials for the first 2 hours
  • Specialty Menu for our magical night:
  • Vixen Wings – Mezcal and Chipotle Brined, Agave Tamarind Sweet and Sour
  • Heart-Shaped Pizza– House Dough, Rustic Ragout, Shredded Mozzarella, Artisanal Pepperoni
  • Love Potion – Stoli Elite, Crème de Cacao, Raspberry Puree, Lemon (serves two Starstruck lovers)

One of DMV’s most notable event company, High Caliber Events had a vision to curate an engaging evening for lovers of Ping Pong. Their company, a boutique woman-owned creative experiential marketing business amplifies companies in a unique way by using culture, connection, and community.

High Caliber Events services provide an opportunity to collaborate with you by producing one-of-a-kind, artistic, immersive experiences with a purpose that develops genuine brand partnerships. Their mission has helped businesses in the conviction by incorporating socially conscious strategies into your brand, while making a difference in strengthening all communities.

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Ping Pong Play Rules:

In order for you to have a great experience, the following steps must be followed:

  • General Admission: Unlimited Ping Pong Play all night long at open tables
  • 30-minute rotation as a courtesy so everyone can play together
  • Private tables are by reservation only
  • Please be courteous and kind to each other when playing all games in and around the venue
  • VIP Reservations will receive their private ping pong table and seating in the VIP room

Get to know the co-host, Mollie Coleman

Why was High Caliber Events created?

  • High Caliber Events, a boutique multicultural experiential agency, was created out of a need to create inclusive and multicultural brand activations that were created by producers of color. Our mantra is, “We curate events for the soul and from the heart.”

Where did the inspiration of wanting to create a High Caliber Events come about?

  • I saw a need in the industry based on the people who were creating brand activations that were attracting the communities, but there was never any representation at major marketing and ad agencies. We are an agency that advocates, hires, and creates campaigns that these communities could relate to.

The company High Caliber is straight to the point and easy to remember -how did you come up with the name? 

  • We wanted an elevated look and feel, but an accurate representation of the work we wanted to deliver to the world. We want to deliver high caliber work and produce an experience that is meaningful, thought-provoking, and memorable in every way. One of the important pillars in curating an event or an experience is making it multi-sensory, and we aim to innovative in every way. That’s what a “high caliber event” represents to us.

What are the benefits for attending a High Caliber Events function?

  • You will always get a wide range of audience
  • You will always feel welcome
  • You will always walk away emotionally inspired
  • You will feel represented

Giving restrictions in the DMV are slowly lifting, what are some safety measures that is in place for High Caliber Events attendees?

  • We abide by each city/state COVID policies and make it a civic responsibility to be good citizens and conduct business by following those policies.
  • We have taken the precautions such as having a required vaccination policy for indoor events, diligent sanitization system, and ensuring guests feel safe with maintaining all the COVID safety protocols at each event. 

Based on your Instagram post, we noticed there’s a pre-valentine’s day event coming up. Could you share more about the event and it’s purpose?

  • Thank you for sharing and asking! We are super excited about these upcoming creative nights we are curating for Washingtonians. Magical Nights Out is a new creative series where we will host various fun events to bring the community back together. Love Pong is a special event at Spin that we are co-hosting and supporting our local venue with a fun night out filled with Ping Pong, board games, belly dancing, and lots of Instagram moments to share. We have our community partners @dcfray @districtfray and @titos coming out to play with us at Love Pong as well.

Love Pong has a romantic ring to it. What should single or couples expect from this event?

  • Oooh! We are telling everyone that “Love is not just a couple’s sport.” Love Pong is an evening out where we are going to play games, dance to music by @DJTaylorSenpai, and just have a fun night out. We have specialty craft cocktails and menu that is specific for this event. Come ready to play and enjoy yourself with a crowd that likes to stay active in DC. This is for singles and couples! We are also offering 4 special VIP tables for groups that would like to reserve a table and have their own private space.

What differentiate Love Pong from another Pre-Valentine’s Day event?

  • What I love about SPIN is the spaciousness and how it never feels cramped. The food is amazing, and they have great vegetarian options on the menu. One of the main differentiators is the ability to stay engaged and play games all night. The vibe is going to make you feel like a kid again, but with adult food, drinks, and music!

What is the background of High Caliber events? Meaning their experience in the industry?

  • HCE was founded by Mollie Q. Coleman, a minority woman that has been a leader in the marketing industry, an activist, a coach, and has been serving the community and bringing people together in DC for over 10+ years. She knows how to produce events working with small to large brands from The North Face, AT&T, Chevrolet to working with local businesses such as Events DC, the Mayor’s Office, Cultural Tourism. She has a wealth of experience and still growing by helping brands, small businesses, and many others.

As a woman-owned business, how has High Caliber Events influence other women to start or grow their business?

  • Mollie is a certified business coach. While she always knew that she was a natural leader, she also decided to study and get certified to gain the expertise in becoming a business coach. She supports women and creative entrepreneurs by teaching a monthly 30-day Workshop. She helps you take your creative idea to launching your business in 30 days. In addition, she also offers a 12-week Mastermind Course to guide you launch your business every step of the way. She is committed to helping 100 small businesses get launched and paid!

What services does High Caliber Events offers besides Event Curation?

  • HCE offers digital and media services that is to help increase the visibility of your brand/business. The media services are photography/videography work, and she can help you as the Creative Director create the content you need online for your brand. Lastly, she offers talent booking of influencers, local celebrities, musical talent, speakers, and celebrities like Rihanna, Shaed, to Ariana Grande and everyone in between.

When partnering with local brands, or individuals, what do you typically look for, as it pertains to added value?

  • We look for organic audiences, influencers that are authentic, and talent that aligns with our ethos and mission. We don’t look for the sparkly things, we look for authenticity and connection because that’s what we want to share with the world. The real, authentic you.

How was social media used to promote past event of yours, before the covid and during covid-19?

  • We used social media to promote through all channels like most. We utilized ads, posting, and referral system to generate awareness.

Is there a website?

What is the future-plans for High Caliber Events?

  • We plan to build the most innovative multicultural experiential agency that helps brands create immersive experiences. In 5 years, we plan to build the best tech x art x interactive experience with one of our favorite brands. We also plan to do more international work and continuing to support underrepresented brands and businesses. Our goal is to help fundraise through activations and hire and pay more people of color in the industry.

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Date and time

Fri, Feb 11, 2022, 8:30 PM

Sat, Feb 12, 2022, 1:30 AM EST


1332 F Street Northwest

Washington, DC 20045

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