April’s Indie Fashion Week| A week of fashion, beauty and the return of Model Mondayz

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Fashion is a unique activity that everyone participates in and resonates with individually. This can also be seen as an expression. This is why fashion weeks are created. One of those is the popular and most anticipated Indie Fashion Week.

The purpose of Indie Fashion Week is to provide a platform and pedestal for emerging brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spaces. Here is an opportunity for people ranging from small business owners to well-established ones to come together because of their love for fashion. This is not the first time that such would be happening. New York is known for many interesting stories and one of these is NY Fashion Week. A lot of people from different countries come together to attend NY Fashion Week. Some of us even grace the occasion with our presence. 

Let’s also channel similar energy when it comes to celebrating our own!

It is no doubt that the Indie Fashion Week has become a popular event within the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Although its initial focus was strategically and creatively putting the attention on the creative entrepreneur in the fashion and beauty industries. There are some talented and knowledgeable people here that need a medium to showcase their talents for the whole world to see. Having the attention, many leaders and influencers can make a difference in their careers.

Indie Fashion Week has always provided this platform and wants to target and highlight this twice a year. The popularity it has now is as a result of hard work and good strategy. Since they are all about creativity, diversity, and inclusion, they can be seen within the Indie Fashion Week platform. They don’t just have your traditional runway shows. The show infuses energy, entertainment, and interactivity.

These Indie fashionistas are allowed to show what they can do through a myriad of themes, challenges, and interactive showcases. Furthermore, they always find ways to get the consumer involved because the consumer has to learn how to access and support the talents of the participating fashionistas.

Understandably, there might be trendsetters who are quite normal in every fashion industry but that does not mean new talents can not emerge. This is one of the reasons for the fashion show; to provide Fashionistas with an opportunity to create and inspire.

Are you wondering what Indie Fashion Week stands for? They stand for creativity, impact, initiative, and support. These are all connected naturally. They want to continually build a creative environment where consumers can support creative entrepreneurs. By giving these brands and entrepreneurs the platform to showcase their work and talent, we believe rapport, brand notoriety, and business confidence are strengthened.

Inevitably, brands will have the opportunity to show their impact through the initiative that they display in their brand building. Apart from fashionistas and brand owners, models stand a chance to benefit a lot. There are three benefits a potential model can get from participating in Indie Fashion Week is professional relationship building, exposure, and industry training.

The Indie Fashion Week is BACK! Running from April 3rd to 9th, 2022 get your fashion week front row look ready! Plus be prepared to be served with the latest and hottest collections from the Washington DC area veteran as well as new and upcoming fashion houses.

Below we look at some of the questions/ concerns you may have in regard to the event, and we shall do our best to answer them as much as possible. If we don’t address yours then check us out at https://indiefashionweekdc.com/ and leave your question or comment.

What’s the Indie Fashion Week all about?                                                                                                         Well, it’s Indie Fashion Week is all about celebrating the excitement of independent fashion within the Washington DC area both virtually and in person. Fashion weeks worldwide- be it the New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week bring with them an air of excitement and a breath of fresh air as the masses await the unveiling of new fashion trends. Both participants and revelers showcase pieces as a testimony to their taste which may inspire. In the same way, the Indie Fashion Week gives a platform to the Washington DC emerging designers/ fashion houses to showcase their latest designs in what has this time been dubbed FASHION EUPHORIA!

Here’s an itinerary of what to expect:

April 3rd-Sunday

[Day ONE] “EUPHORIA” Opening Night Runway Experience

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 April 4th-Monday

[DAY TWO] “Model Mondayz” – The Fashion Meets Art Edition

ROE The Agency will be partnering with ArtBae who’s focus is on bringing beauty out of chaos by allowing art to heal, inspire, and provide hope. Their primary objective is to encourage people to live their purpose through their passion by putting  their “art” (the expression and application of that divinely-inspired creative skill) before anything else in order to live a more satisfying life.

Where Fashion meets Art; both organization will blend their concept at Model Mondayz by having designers provide a completely blank garments and have visual artists create them live.

April 5th-Tuesday

[Day THREE] “Let’s Get GLAM” A Close Look at The IFW Beauty Team

April 6th-Wednesday

[Day FOUR] Virtual Insanity: The Conversation Series

April 7th-Thursday

[Day FIVE] Welcome to Studio MUZE – An Open House and Artistic Activation

April 8th-Friday

[Day SIX] Black Fashion & Arts Show

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April 9th-Saturday

[Day SEVEN] “Street Symphony” Vol. 3 – Where Music and Fashion Meet

Indie Fashion Week is committed to building a new and dynamic fashion community by providing a space as well as tools to equip entrepreneurs in the fashion world with knowledge and skills on how to run their fashion businesses, polish their craft, provide networking opportunities with industry peers as well as facilitate long term business relationship partnerships.

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