Kid Fashion Week DMV 2022: Let The World Witness Your Talent

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Have you always dreamt of walking the runways or getting the world to witness what a phenomenon you are? Now and then, it is normal to wish for an opportunity. What do you do when such an opportunity presents itself? You grab it so quick! Sunday’s Best with Kids Fashion Week Network is where you must be. The whole world is waiting to see your skill.

Sunday’s best is a program put in place by Kids Fashion Week Network, a non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization. The organization aims at providing youth with a platform to showcase their talents. The platform is open to talents that cross across both creative, entertainment, and entrepreneurial industries. There are opportunities to be discovered and even opportunities to be mentored by top personalities in various industries.

This is one of the many opportunities presented by Kid Fashion Week Network. Some others include providing the children with the platform for career advancement, an opportunity for growth, networking, and development boosting confidence, creativity, self-expression, and a lot more.

The program is set to be a one-day event. This Spring season will be an outdoor runway fashion show where top companies will be invited and kids can get to showcase their runway walk. Children can attend to learn how to be better at their art through creative play and networking amongst each other.

Hosted by Ashley Darby:

Young models who are between the ages of 6-16 are encouraged to apply for this event. Also, youth who are 21years and below can apply to participate in other activities. The program is slated to be held on Sunday, April 10th.2022. You can get your ticket for the event here.

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