Teachers are special: Let’s gather to make a positive impact at the All Things Teacher event on May 3rd

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The educational sector has always had issues not only in this part of the world but every other place around the globe. This is one of the reasons why there ought to be a regular meeting on how we can make the educational sector more appealing and efficient.

Instructional Gym has taken up this mantle to raise awareness alongside fellow educators and administrators on Teacher Appreciation Day. Year in and out, parents, community members, and local businesses that champion education are educated and equipped with enough knowledge to help spread educational positivity.

The founder of this prestigious event, Teresa Lasley, is a black educator. She has had her fair share and experience in the past and current situation of the educational sector in Washington, DC. She knows it can be better hence, she is working earnestly to make it all better.

To make the educational sector better is not a man’s job. Her idea of rallying local businesses and teachers across the country to discuss the future of education is indeed valuable.

From her experience, she has seen several teachers in DC suffer from burnout and stress without recovering and getting back on the job. Most especially, due to a lack of encouragement, motivation, and a supportive community.

With the right community, word of encouragement, and even an opportunity for fellow teachers to share their stories, experience, skill, it can have a tremendous effect on the teachers. Teresa seeks to prevent burnout through non-traditional professional development and wellness efforts in anticipation of Teacher Appreciation Week this May. 

This year’s Teacher Appreciation Week will be commemorated with an exclusive celebration for educators and school leaders. The theme for this year’s event is TAW Cupcakes and Champagne Toast by Instructional Gym. It will be held on Tue, May 3, 2022, at 4:00 PM EDT. The venue for the event is My Cake Theory: 325, 7th Street Southeast Washington, DC 20003, United States. Her vision is to raise awareness alongside her fellow educators and administrators during this period, and there are parents, community members and local businesses equally passionate about education who’ve joined hands with her in spreading the word! Tiffany Lighfoot, the owner of My Cake Theory Bakery, and winner of Food Network’s HOLIDAY WARS is one of them. From the good moments and everything in between, education is a community issue that helps people create a solid foundation for society.

Speaking of the event Teresa said, “We are in constant acknowledgment of the vital and intrinsic role educators play in the community and society as a whole so we are thrilled to have support from local businesses that acknowledge the work of those on the front lines of education”

She’s also set to host a number of Instagram lives with teachers and stakeholders within the education sector.

It’s important to remember that across the country educators are having the important discussion about the struggles, impact, and joys of the profession in today’s climate together with how to overcome the ever glaring threat of burn out. And indeed these are issues that should be of big concern to the majority of us.

There are companies working closely with Instructional Gym to bring this discussion to light including: Achieve Success Tutoring a black owned online school through its co-founder, Latishia Jordan; Sculpted Clay Production LLC through its CEO and founder Ayesis Clay; Collin Allen Child Development Center and Education Enrichment at Destination Tomorrow through their Executive Director and Director respectively, Gloria Pope.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! The Cupcakes and Champagne Toast is an opportunity to pay homage to the frontline of Education.

Click here to attend the event for free!

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