A Cultural Celebration is coming to the DMV: The Black Greek Fest from July 21st to 24th

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It’s another time for DMV to come alive at the Black Greek Festival 2022.

From July 21st- to the 24th, it’s all about Greek life, community, and culture. Black Greek Festival is intended to foster brotherhood, sisterhood, and service in the black community. The festival offers a unique hybrid experience and will have both in-person and virtual events for mission driven professionals.

It is also meant to positively influence the Black community by looking into Black-owned businesses and Black-led concerns and initiatives. It is a perfect time for black creators, entrepreneurs to socialize, network, and communicate ideas, and opinions.

Chelsea Brown, a co-founder of Black Greek Festival noted with concern that which every concerned citizen has explicitly or implicitly noted- “the pandemic brought a lot of hardship onto black owned businesses, and as such made it difficult for them to financially bring themselves up without proper support. Black Greek Festival is offering support to black owned businesses by ensuring that most vendors at the event are black owned business.”

This initiative started with 3 people originally but later spread on to being a team of twelve members, some of which are virtual. All this aim to achieve a specific goal, providing an honest perspective on our nation’s capital needs.

Apart from providing platforms and exposure for Black-owned businesses, in the last event, Black Greek Festival simultaneously provided more than four virtual discussions and panels. It was a program for Black human service professionals to shed light on youth homelessness, racial inequities, and funding barriers for homeless populations.

Black Greek Festival also does a lot to address the issue of homelessness within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and it does this with other partners to provide supplies for the homeless population in MacPerson Park, DC.

Let’s come together for a time of fun, unity with family and friends. Greek and non- Greeks are all encouraged to attend, however, for those of us who may not be Greek, we are urged to respect the history in the context of the Divine 9 organizations.

This year, several events lined up. From Black Entrepreneurship, Black Greek Festival Step Show, 2nd Annual Black Greek Festival, and 2nd Annual Black Greek Festival Brunch Olympics. Every event will make a tremendous impact on the community.

To enjoy these fun-filled days of non-stop enjoyment, cultural celebration, unity, networking, and cultural inclusion,

Click here to register. In addition, for the brunch Olympics, you’d need a special ticket to participate.

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