With inspiration comes culture: A Look at the DMV Black Men in Media

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As the world celebrates the World Press Day this year, we take our hats off for all the black men- our kings who daily make it their life’s mission to cover issues affecting the world around us especially within the black communities. We salute you. Black culture encompasses so much from the arts to the music, food, fashion, entertainment you name it. And it’s very evident that these aspects are continuously being celebrated need I say a lot of it appropriated by Hollywood celebrity. We, however, cannot say the same for our black media.

Black men have been given a bad rap in the main stream as laid back and lack luster even not measuring up. Lucky for us we have representation to demystify this. A group of black men through their nine media platforms have formed a collaboration in an effort to morale boost future relationships between independent media companies, and also to showcase the importance of Black Press in today’s world. The DMV Daily, The Washington Informer Bridge, The Media Prince, The Posh Standard, Juke Box DC, MoBoomBox, Problem Child, Keys2ThaCity, and Bemo are composed of award winning Bloggers, journalists, and editors, and they have come together to show the world the importance of the press on this World Press Freedom Day.

The World Press Freedom Day, is a day celebrated worldwide to commemorate the fundamental principles of press freedom. It’s also used to evaluate that freedom for media personalities around the world. To speak up and defend the media from attacks as it seeks to defend its freedom as well as to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty as they went about their profession. The DMV culture has been upheld and passed on from generation to generation through education and history. Fashion, art, and entertainment have thrived on an important aspect, media. If the story/history is not gotten right, then a flaw exists.

On this World Press Day, these nine media platforms are standing in unity; producing male empowerment, media independence as well as a new future for DMV culture and entertainment. Each of these media entities has pledged to share a story of their platform, the challenges they have encountered as black press, and the importance of World Press Day as regards their work. According to The Media Prince and The Washington Informer Bridge- the brainchild spearheading this project, it is very important for the masses to get a glimpse of all the amazing spheres of the Media in DMV run by strong black men.

A journalist from The Media Prince is quoted as saying, “I believe this project is important because it’s so many of us doing the damn thing and it’s time we got together, and showed our unity.  A collaboration as the media. Appreciate the fact that some of the top independent media here in our area are strong black brothers making away for themselves. So, I look at this as a celebration among amongst us making it and many of us are celebrating five years or more.” And we couldn’t be more proud!

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