Ayris Scales-Walker’s Legacy, CEO is helping black women entrepreneurs make a difference through networking in the DMV

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Walker’s Legacy has gained a reputation as a global platform for professional and entrepreneurial multicultural women. It prides itself in inspiring, equipping and engaging stakeholders through thought provoking content, educational programming, and a global community.  It is therefore important that Walker’s Legacy’s CEO matches its agenda. Below is the “meet the CEO” if you will of Ms. Ayris T Scales.

Ms. Scales joined Walter’s Legacy on March 1st, 2021 as both CEO of its foundation and Managing Director of Walker’s Legacy.  A business owner herself, she started and run Abel Vision Enterprise- a venture she says came about after a nudge from her mentor. Her ability to fundraise, outreach and engage, skills in management and strategic planning were catalysts for her business success. And it’s these same skills that would propel her to the helm of Walter’s Legacy.

Since joining Walker’s Legacy, we have witnessed Ms. Scales leadership skills play out strongly especially during the global pandemic. She says that the opportunity at Walker’s Legacy to pour herself into young women especially college interns and young professionals has helped to further hone her leadership skills.

Just like the culture at Walker’s Legacy, Ms. Scales also believes in “cultivating the whole woman”- a phase she clarifies as engaging women in various aspects of life. Professionally, emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially leaving no area untouched when speaking to the needs of women in business. She loves the fact that she has a place where she can create a lasting impact on women through the initiatives that she and her team are implementing as well as the programs they have put in place to advance women. Now, with her leadership, Walker’s Legacy has an initiative in place to ensure that 10,000 women are capital ready by 2025. In her own words, “Being a CEO at Walker’s Legacy allows me a position to truly help the socioeconomic position of Black women entrepreneurs while helping them build a legacy”.

She draws a lot inspiration from her parents, and her dad’s mantra “one paycheck away” has stayed with her to date. She affirms that the saying still carries a lot of weight today due to its validity. The cost of rent doubling in many places, the price of homes rising, and a possible recession make the possibility of being “one pay check away” a real threat for many households.  

She has some words of advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs who might lose their “good paying” jobs while running their side business as well;

  • Diversify your skill set- use this as an opportunity to learn new skills that will help you overall
  • Don’t be too quick to say no to an opportunity- you never know what you can learn or who you can meet by keeping an open mind
  • Invest your time in learning- don’t just “wing it” seek out mentors, take classes, read articles that contribute to your success as you pivot.

Ms. Scales is very passionate about her community, and says that it did a lot to shape her into the woman she has become. She’s also very pleased that commitment to community is something she found at Walker’s Legacy as well. Walker’s Legacy believes that there’s strength in community especially for Black women entrepreneurs. And during work events, they are sure to include time for networking and an exchange of ideas.

You can learn more about Ms. Ayris T scales from her Instagram https://instagram.com/ayrisscales  

or you can visit https://walterslegacy.com  to know more about Walker’s Legacy and its CEO.

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