The EmPOWERment Experience event| Tackling the issue of uterine fibroids from July 15th-17th

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July is Fibroids awareness month, and The White Dress Project has a lot lined up for us in order to bring awareness to this epidemic that affects over 171 million women worldwide. The issue of fibroids has been long-existing but then it has not been given as many audiences as it should be. Most times, women who find themselves at the mercy of this maybe not life threatening, but can be a source of concern and discomfort. Many victims find it hard to share their experiences because of so many reasons like shame, stigmatization, and inaccessibility to proper healthcare centers.

Statistics show that by the age of 50, 80% of African American women and 70% of their white counterparts will be diagnosed with uterine fibroids. It’s also a widely known fact that despite the staggering statistics, the subject of fibroids remains a left out conversation on women’s health nationwide.

It’s against this back drop- to weed out misinformation and start a fruitful conversation- that The White Dress Project was formed. Comprised of women, most of them having survived the impact and effects of fibroids, The White Dress Project is a community that educates, empowers, researches and advocates for women living with fibroids. It’s a community forever knitted by their shared experiences, and one that everyone affected by fibroids would do well to become a part of.

One of the symptoms of fibroids is heavy menstrual bleeding which in itself can lead to severe anemia, pelvic pain, bloating and may also cause challenges with fertility. All these conditions can trigger feelings of guilt, shame as well as stigma for the person suffering from fibroids. A heavy burden to carry. The White Dress Project is that safe place where women afflicted with fibroids can come and find sisterhood. A kin of understanding and empathy. A no judgment zone. And this month is one of those opportunities that The Dress White Project uses to shine a light upon this silent killer, and to create awareness within our communities so that people are educated and empowered to better fight the condition.

Why “The White Dress Project (TWDP)?”

This is a project that understands every woman who is at the mercy of this illness. Because of the excessive bleeding caused by fibroids, many women avoid wearing white. I don’t think the “white dress” craze is about style. Fibroids sufferers might look to this as a symbol of hope for the future, and a reminder that we will discover a cure one day.

How can you make use of this opportunity?

There is an upcoming event “The EmPOWERment Experience.” This event is tailored to not only raises finances and awareness but give women a safe venue to tell their uterine fibroids experiences and obtain professional guidance from physicians and health advocates.

The Fibroids Awareness Month EmPOWERment Experience will hold in Washington, D.C., from July 15 to 17of 2022.

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There will be Welcome Happy Hour, Wellness Sessions, EmPOWERed Patient Luncheon, and their eagerly anticipated charity gala, “A Night in White.” All of which are intended to make the event memorable.

Tanika Gray Valbrun, the creator of The White Dress Project, has had experience with Uterine fibroids. It made her greatly interested in women’s health. After working with physicians, health activists, and government leaders July has been designated as “Fibroids Awareness Month” throughout the United States.

The White Dress Project as a non-profit organization is committed to raising global awareness of this epidemic through education, research, community and advocacy. Comprised of mostly women with impactful fibroids journeys, the organization is dedicated to advocating for research funding, highlighting reproductive health inequalities, educating many on fibroids and their treatment options as well as empowering communities. It’s a community of people well positioned to educate, empower and support those who are managing life with fibroids.

You can visit their social media platforms to find out more about their work and their website

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