Sistahs in Business Expo: The sky is only the beginning for a black woman’s business

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Black women have been making waves in the business world. They`ve been growing a successful business even with the little resources they have at their disposal. Sistahs in Business Expo is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing community. It was established for every Black women. It’s also the first national small business expo to focus on recognizing and promoting entrepreneurial Black women.

SIB is created as a community that supports minority women by providing them with an avenue to self-promote their business. It also allows them to increase their portfolio and target audience base.

The SIB Expo is the perfect platform that provides Black women with this lifetime opportunity. You can be sure you’ll get impressive results for a small investment fee.

This August, do not just celebrate National Black Business Month without getting or benefitting from the goodness of the month. Come out to enjoy the benefits packed in this expo. Black women can showcase their products and services to people who might be interested in them presently or in the foreseeable future. They will also get quality information and access to valuable resources that will help them become better businesswomen.

Meet the founder of this prestigious organization, Aisha Taylor Issah.

Aisha Taylor Issah is a successful entrepreneur, College professor, and Ordained minister. The founder and CEO of Sistahs in Business Expo is a woman with several years of business experience. She has experience in Professional Career Consulting, a full-service career consulting and recruiting business, since 2015. This is a business she co-founded with her sister. You can be sure she knows the importance of a well-planned expo and how it supports growing business. This inspired Sistahs in Business Expo (SIBEXPO) in 2017. Ever since Black women have enjoyed resources and opportunities that have helped grow their businesses.

Meet Aisha Taylor Issah, founder and CEO of the Sistahs In Business Expo

The two knights of businesses; the guest speakers of the event.

Meet the speakers,  AJ Akua Johnson and Dr. Cheryl Wood. These women are successful Black women in the business world. They have made names and will be in this year’s Expo to share how they navigated the competitive business world.

Come and share the experiences of passionate business moguls. Be prepared to learn and also discover the black women-owned business. There will be over 75 black-women-owned vendors. And also enjoy the educative of panel discussions, live entertainment, and networking opportunities.

For more information about the event, and to purchase tickets visit:

Event details:

Date: August 13, 2022

Venue: Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center in College Park, MD

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