37th Annual Mayor’s Arts Award: An Award Show for DC stars, musical acts and entertainment on Sept 13th!

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……..…….community and patrons of Arts and Humanities

Year in and out, the Washington, DC, metropolitan area brings forth sets of talents in both Art and Humanities. If you call DC; the Hub of creativity, you are not wrong. For 37 years, the Mayor’s in office showed major recognition to these sets of persons. This year’s award is another time to show recognition to the community and patrons of Arts and Humanities.

It is an Inclusive and FREE celebration for District residents of all 8 wards. Each of the wards in DC has honored and contributed vibrantly to the city’s State of Art. The award show will feature unforgettable performances, special recognition and shout-out, and awards which will be presented in 14 diverse Categories namely: Arts Education, Community Arts Advocate, Creative Industries, Humanities, Media Arts, Nightlife Economy, Performing Arts, Visionary Leadership, Visual Arts, Youth Creativity, and Fashion and Beauty Industries on the award for excellence category. Then, for the Mayor’s Art Awards, Distinguished Honor (Mayor’s pick), Emerging Creative Award, and Larry Neal Writers Award.

This year’s award ceremony will be held on September 13th, 2022 at Capitol Turnaround . It will kick off with the Red Carpet at 6p.m which will last for 1 hour before the award show starts at 7 p.m.

The award will be hosted by no other person than the amazing Britt Waters. As a well-known and established media personality in the broadcasting industry, Ms.Waters, fame has spread both far and near. She is known for her passion, opinion and very relatable storytelling experience. Currently, she works as a lifestyle reporter on the Good Morning Washington on ABC7News and the morning traffic anchor for 7News On Your Side. You can testify Britt Waters has a fun and down-to-earth personality. These are just a few out of the robust position she is currently occupying and has occupied. When she is not on the screen, she is spending time with her family and creating amazing content on sneakers, shopping or enjoying a Starbucks drink.

When you mention top names of impactful women in the entertainment industry like Whoopi Goldberg, Wendy Williams, Mo’Nique, Michelle Obama, Cher, Fantasia, Melania Trump and Dr Jill Biden, Sylvia Traymore is right there with them. In doubt? Simply catch Sylvia Traymore Morrison Show next time she has one in DC.

She was born and bred in DC and has made several names for herself. She is even the most renowned Black Female Impressionist in the history of this great nation. She even has an autobiography that has documented her life history titled; Almost There, Almost: The Many Faces of Sylvia Traymore Morrison. The book tells a story of her struggles and life journey of the first 30 years of her life in the entertainment industry. She authored other books like Jellybeans From Heaven and her latest, “Me, Satan, God & Covid-19. She has spent over 50 years plus in the industry and believe us when we say her act is ageless.

Other top personalities that you can expect to be in attendant include DJ Chris Style, Arco & Arie, Christylez Bacon, Beat ya feet & friends, Feedel band, Benjamin Gates, Gerdan, Go-Go Symphony, Carly Havey, Gerson Lanza, and Kenny Sway.

Do you see your Fav? You won’t want to miss this show!

If you’d like to RSVP, Click here.

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