A Week of Culinary professionals: Come experience food-dom from Sept.18th-24th

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Come experience a verse of professional chefs and food entrepreneurs

Where music speaks the language of the soul, food is the way to trap the heart. The sight of good cooking gives so much appeasement and a mouth-watering sensation. It’s always so satisfying watching professionals handle the knife and hear people talk about food.

In Washington, DC this September from the18th to the 24th, 2022, come and experience a universe of culinary professionals and food entrepreneurs in this year’s Private Chef Week. Unlike the previous years, this year will bring in interesting and better engaging excitement. It will be everything you imagined and even more.

The Private Chef Week attendees in and around Washington, DC and the greater metropolitan area will be given the best treatment and lifetime experience in collaboration with our restaurant and startup partners.

Private Chef Week started in 2019 as Private Chef No Restaurant Week. This platform has given them several opportunities and outreach like being interviewed on Good Day DC, Good Morning Washington, and Foodie and The Beast. After the name swap, Private Chef Week the series brings together seasoned restaurateurs, culinary artists, food bloggers, and travelling foodies. Other notable programs that you can find our featured chefs include Hell’s Kitchen, Chopped, Bake It Like Buddy, HOLIDAY WARS, and Candy Land.

In addition, it is the goal of their chefs and other interested parties to get involved with nonprofits that teach kids how to prepare nutritious meals and provide motivational speeches to aspiring business owners.

This is a week of providing sustainable employment, better community infrastructure, and a greater social impact through the application of technology. It’s their goal to seek out partnerships with initiatives and groups that share our goals. 

Come to experience Champagne Cocktail Brunch on September 18th, a day of exquisite savoriness. Then on September 22nd is a day of celebration of Black chef and finally, Final Dinner on September 24th. Check out more information on the admission process here.

Connect with the Private Chef Week team on Instagram.

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