The DMV first ever PR & Communications Conference of 2022:Experience PROCON on Oct.29th

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Everything you need to know about PROCON experience

Over the years, if you have been following the marketing landscape, you’ll notice that there’s so much difference in terms of being increasingly complex and interconnected lately. This is unquestionably true in the realms of public relations (PR) and social media.

Before the rise of social media, public relations efforts rarely reached significant people like investors, shareholders, business partners, etc., but now that these people are active on social media, PR can be utilized to reach them. Since the goals of both public relations and social media are to increase and sustain customer confidence in the organization and its offerings, harmony between the two is inevitable.

In addition, it is quite understandable that there might be a case of competition in the PR and Comms industries. Competitions when kept in a healthy state are proper for business. But on the other hand, there lies the power of community over competition in PR and Comms industries. It provides room to seek out professional vantage and collaboration to achieve a better result.

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Furthermore, the importance of public relations and communications as vital tools for the success of any business or organization cannot be ignored. Therefore, they must constantly learn new skills and adapt to new trends. Keisha Brewer, a TedX speaker, tailored the PROCON experience with this in mind, seeing how challenging it may be in a field that moves at such a breakneck pace.

Keisha Brewer, the CEO of The PR Alliance, has gathered seven years in the PR industry, and ten years in communication. She discovered her talent for explaining things clearly and concisely, early enough in a letter to her mother, for assisting a friend or family member through a difficult situation. After realizing that her talent for communication was something she could use in both her personal and professional life, she decided to pursue it seriously.

Over the years, she has gathered working experience as a News Writer and Reporter for The Daily Times in Salisbury, MD. She also sought out other opportunities as she explored other avenues through which she could best promote brands and businesses. It was then that she realized that public relations were the profession in which she could combine my many interests and skills. This was the beginning of The PR Alliance.

As an attendee, come prepared because the PROCON event has several impactful events attached to it. There are panel sessions, workshops, awards, vendors, networking, headshot sessions, food, drinks, and more in store to ensure the attendees are impacted while well-catered for and comfortable.

Keisha Brewer will talk about PROCON, the most authentic space for current and aspiring PR and Communications professionals to connect, learn, and grow. From her years of experience, she will share important and helpful information for aspiring PR enthusiasts and practicing PR agents.

All of these will be held on October 29th, 2022. You wouldn’t want to miss this event if you are either into the PR or communication industry.

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