Every black professional woman needs The Seen & Heard Experience towards elevating their brand visibility.

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Black women faces so many challenges in the everyday world. First for their skin and secondly, because she is a woman. These challenges do not stop just in the everyday world, and they proceed into the corporate world too.

Deandra Coleman, a fellow black woman, award-winning entrepreneur, brand strategist, publicist, and author, is no stranger to these challenges. She believes a black woman in the corporate world needs to be protected and supported by all means.

Deandra, is very passionate about helping senior-level Black executive women to establish a disrupter personal brand that authentically embodies their beliefs. This gives them the autonomy to display amplified purpose, power, and effect.

Deandra Coleman with these strong women to tell their story in the most appealing and mind-blowing way. Ms.Coleman knows personally what it’s like to reach the pinnacle of one’s profession but still feels unsatisfied and wants more. This is her method to encourage Black women to develop and solidify a professional identity that can be brought into any meeting, job interview, or business venture with confidence.

Her daily efforts are focused on addressing the wealth, gender, and racial gaps and increasing the visibility of 1,000 Black women as thought leaders. The Seen & Heard Experience is all about sisterhood and empowerment. This is a means for you to share your story, and who knows, you might be inspiring the next big professional black woman out there.

As a participant in The Seen & Heard Experience, she will perfectly do your Personal Brand Development. They will tell the exact tale you imagined correctly. In addition, there’ll be a Full Communications Strategy in place to make your brand well-known to your target audience. Also, in regard to your book launch, they will effectively manage the Launch Marketing & Public Relations.

You can learn how to sign up for The Seen & Heard Experience here!

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