The “Romancipation” A speakeasy Experience for music lovers on Feb.25th by Winter Harris from Love and Marriage DC!

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The Joyous Reckoning of Love and Life

This is a piece of great news. If you have been looking for a unique evening with music and poetry, you won’t want to miss this special happening on Saturday, February 25th, 2023. All roads lead to The Republic Garden Silver Spring, MD.

This is promised to be an evening of live music and poetry inspired by the classic film Love Jones. Stars and surprise VIPs will make appearances and participate in other aspects of this event, ranging from Spoken Word, live performances, and hosting.

Winter Harris, star of the reality series, Love and Marriage DC, curated this evening for everyone who is looking for a break. She inspires her worldwide audience with a new message of hope and healing based on truth, knowledge, honesty, and authenticity. Winter is an author, transformational speaker, entrepreneur, transition coach, and media personality recognized for her witty comments.

Having written eight novels, Winter brings her business acumen in her community, by creating a mentoring and support group for women. As a graduate from Liberty University, with an MBA in business administration, Winter, continuous urge to learn, is why she’s currently working on a Ph.D. in the same field. With a successful track record in business, one of her many joy comes from being a mother to her four children.

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She also shared on the Own Network Love and Marriage DC to discuss not only Love and Marriage but also her Philanthropic efforts in DMV for people of color. She is joining other mentors to train young girls between 18-24 years to hone their life skills and become a better version of themselves. She also shared her books that will be published in 2023, books 9 and 10.

To get tickets for the Romancipation event on February 25th.2023-click here!

For more information, check out her Instagram for more information on Romancipation. You don’t want to miss this mind-blowing event.

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