SheROCKS: Celebrating women in performing arts and business on March 25th

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For the tenth year in a row, SheROCKS has been a smashing success, and they’re going all out to mark it this year. They’ve made this a weekend-long extravaganza to celebrate women in business and the arts as they enter the next decade, and it will be great.

SheROCKS, presented by The State of Fem Art, is a prominent showcase for up-and-coming female musicians, visual artists, and businesswomen. To celebrate the dedication to assisting women in the arts, entertainment, and economic sectors where they may not otherwise be acknowledged, the first event was first held in 2013. The event is held annually to celebrate the achievements of women in the arts and to find new ways to boost encouragement for female business owners. 

Exceptional women whose work has paved the path for the achievements of other female artists and businesswomen are also being honored at the event. Since its inception, the event has consistently sold out, resulting in greater visibility and success for all featured artists and more collaborations among women business owners. 

Every year, they have increased their efforts to ensure that the women who are local heroes in communities around the United States are recognized for their achievements. Their commitment to corporate social responsibility has led them to initiate several charity projects in conjunction with these events throughout the years. 

What can you expect on the first day?

Are you ready for sheROCKS HerStory? (MARCH 24TH, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM)

The speakers at SheROCKS HerStory are all remarkable women who have something important to say about the power, perseverance, and bravery of women in business and the arts. Success follows failure in the recounting of their lives. An ElevateHER Business workshop with entrepreneur Natalie May is also part of the session. 

Natalie May, CEO of Chaise Management Group, shares her story of moving from manning the front desk to building a multi-million dollar commercial empire and developing other businesses along the way, as well as advice on expanding and scaling your business and creating resilience. By using the hashtag #SheROCKSHerstory, women from all walks of life will be able to share their experiences on our Herstory wall and in our photo booth.

The winners will receive a complimentary hour of business counseling with Natalie. An event exclusive to VIPs tagged SheROCKS Pamper Party will hold on MARCH 24TH from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM. The Official Beauty Sponsor presents Zen in a Jar.

If you’re a lady boss, an artist, or a social media star, you must be at our SheROCKS Pamper Party. VIPs may receive a massage at the DIY Scent Bar by Zen in a Jar and make their own luxury fragrance. Music, food, networking opportunities, and beauty goodie bags will be at this invitation-only event.

What can you expect on the second day?

This prestigious event is The SheROCKS Power Brunch & Mixer (Invite Only)  (MARCH 25TH, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM)

At the SheROCKS Brunch & Mixer, women in business are encouraged to network, learn from one another, and build connections with potential investors and business partners. Workshops, a delicious brunch, and a prime networking opportunity—all in a small, exclusive venue in the center of DC.

There will also be an evening With SheROCKS  (MARCH 25TH, 6:00 PM-9:00 PM)

The evening will feature a wide variety of activities, including but not limited to live music, art exhibits, film screenings, entertainment, networking, shopping, delicious cuisine, and trendy attire. Live performances by featured performers, art installations, a film screening, prizes for honorees, and an endless sweet bar provided by this year’s dessert sponsor, Destiny’s Pop’s!, may be expected during the event.   

The State of Fem Art Mobile App & Community is also being officially released, and they’re throwing a party to commemorate the occasion. Those who attend SheROCKS will be the FIRST to use the new app. To add to the excitement, SheROCKS will now be one of the most prominent yearly events presented by The State of Fem Art. We will have exclusive merchandise for sale during the launch party.                 


Who is the event open to?

If you are wondering if you can attend the event, you are welcome! Attendance is encouraged with the understanding that it is appropriate for all ages. Any child under the age of five enters free of charge. But if the event is sold out, no tickets will be available at the door.

Get your ticket right away here!

Are you interested in following this event via social media? Follow via their official event hashtags #SheROCKS2023 and #SheROCKSHerstory and on Instagram

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